Apple Pay Express is now available at all Toronto subway stations

Joe Rossignol

Apple Pay Express has expanded to all TTC subway stations in Toronto, allowing riders to simply hold their iPhone or Apple Watch near the turnstile reader to pay their fare. In Express mode, you can make a payment without waking or unlocking your device, or without authenticating with Face ID, Touch ID, or a password. Express Mode even works for up to five hours after your iPhone's battery is dead.

How noted Toronto resident Andrew Escobar, it's still not possible to add a PRESTO card to the Apple Wallet app, so Express mode is currently limited to credit and debit cards added to the Wallet app. Public documents related to recent TTC meetings suggest that the PRESTO card will receive support for Apple Wallet later this year.

To set up a credit or debit card for use with Apple Pay, open the Wallet app on iPhone, tap the sign “plus” in the upper right corner and follow the instructions on the screen. To set a payment card as the default option for Express mode, open the Settings app on iPhone, tap Wallet & Apple Pay, tap Express Transit Card, and select a card.

Select devices to read payments elsewhere in another location The TTC system already worked with Apple Pay Express mode. Apple periodically updates the list of locations where Apple Pay Express is available on the iOS Feature Availability page.

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