Apple Music testing feature that easily imports playlists from Spotify and other services.

Apple Music appears to be beta testing integration with SongShift to transfer music from other services to Apple Music. According to user reports on Reddit, the feature is currently being A/B tested in the latest beta version of Apple Music for Android.

For those unfamiliar, SongShift is a third-party service that has been available for many years. This allows users to easily move their music libraries and playlists between different music streaming services. For example, you can use the SongShift app to transfer your playlists from Apple Music to Spotify or vice versa.

Apple now appears to be testing native integration with SongShift. According to Reddit users, Apple Music for Android has a new request that asks users if they want to “add saved music and playlists you've created on other music services to your Apple Music library.” There's also a new option to do this through Apple Music settings on Android.

This integration is done using SongShift. Essentially, Apple appears to be integrating SongShift into the Apple Music app for Android to make it easier for users to switch from Spotify and other services to Apple Music.

Apple Music integration with SongShift is currently only available to some people using the beta version of Apple Music for Android. It appears to still be in early beta testing and is not yet fully functional. However, Apple is clearly working on this with SongShift.

It remains to be seen whether Apple plans to implement SongShift integration with Apple Music on iPhone. However, Apple Music for Android and Apple Music for iPhone generally maintain equal functionality.

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