Apple Music Replay 2024 playlist is now available to track your best songs

Apple Music Replay 2024 is now available. These are Apple's “best songs by year.” playlist it provides to Apple Music subscribers at the beginning of each year. The playlist is then updated every week, tracking your most popular songs throughout the year.

Year-round availability is one of the big differences between Apple Music Replay and Apple Music Replay. from Spotify Wrapped. Apple Music Replay lets you track your best songs all year long. Spotify Wrapped, on the other hand, is only available starting in December, so your results will be a complete surprise.

Apple will release a more in-depth review of Apple Music Replay later in the year. . This will include additional information about your top artists, top albums, and total listening time. The playlist available today features only your best songs of the year.

You can access your Apple Music Replay 2024 playlist starting today in the Music app on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. . The playlist is located at the very bottom of the “Listen Now” button. tab. You can also find your Apple Music Replay playlists from other years going back to 2015 here if you're an OG Apple Music subscriber.

The launch was spotted by a number of Apple Music followers on Reddit today.

If you don't see the Apple Music Replay 2024 playlist yet, it may take a while to get to your Apple Music account. It's also possible that you haven't listened to enough music yet in 2024, and your playlist will appear once you pass the required threshold.

What's at the top of your Apple Music Replay Ranking right now? Let us know in the comments below.

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