Apple Music Launches New Personalized “Love” and “Heartbreak” Stations for Valentine's Day

by Julie Clover

Apple today announced the launch of two new personalized radio stations available to Apple Music subscribers. “Love” and “Heartbreak” radio are coming out just in time for Valentine's Day. The songs available on each station are tailored to each user's tastes and include preferred artists and similar recommendations.

According to Apple, Love Station includes songs about romantic love, falling in love, falling in love and the feelings of these experiences. The Heartbreak Station features songs about heartbreak, unrequited love, breakups and sad love.

Apple says these new stations are “deeply personalized” and designed to offer the best music for every listener. The stations are constantly updated, providing an endless stream of music relevant to the theme.

Love and Heartbreak stations can be accessed through the Stations for You section of the Listen Now page.

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