Apple Music Launches New Personal Mix “Heavy Rotation”, Updated Daily

Apple Music today launched a new personalized playlist feature and users noticed the new ‘Heavy Rotation’ mix in the Made for You section.

Heavy Rotation features songs you listen to often, and this mix is ​​a great way to showcase some of your recent favorites. The track list is updated daily.

This is the first Apple Music Mix that will be updated daily. Its predecessors, such as Favorites Mix or New Music Mix, are updated weekly on their respective dates.

To find it, open the Music app on your device. Go to the Listen Now tab (Home tab) and scroll down to the Made for You section. An orange and yellow Heavy Rotation card will appear in this section. Click on it to see recommended songs and start listening.

It's a little weird because there are now three different algorithmically generated playlists of your favorites.

You have a personal station in Stations for You, Favorites Mix, and now in Heavy Rotation. While there are overlaps, the difference with the Heavy Rotation mix is ​​that it seems to be more biased towards music that has been listened to in the last month or so.

The Heavy Rotation mix is ​​the latest addition in a series of ongoing improvements to the company's music streaming service. Earlier this month, Apple introduced two new love-themed stations for Valentine's Day.

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