Apple Music incentivizes artists to release Spatial Audio music by increasing royalties

Apple Music

Apple Music is looking to expand its Spatial Audio music offering by paying artists up to 10% more in royalties as long as they publish songs on this format.

Dolby Atmos music, which Apple calls Spatial Audio music, will appear on Apple Music in 2021. The feature has proven popular for the service, but Apple wants more artists to participate in the format.

In an email to Apple Music artists seen by 9to5Mac, Apple encourages artists to make their music available on Spatial Audio. If an artist has tracks available on Spatial Audio, they are entitled to 10% higher royalties from Apple.

The payment does not depend on what Apple Music users listen to in the service. Instead, it is determined by the ratio of Spatial Audio songs to non-Spatial Audio songs.

For example, for artists to receive the full 10% discount, they would have to offer all of their music on Spatial Audio.

Apple reported that 90% of users have at least tried listening to a song in Spatial Audio, and plays in the format have tripled since launch in 2021. The number of songs available on Spatial Audio has increased by almost 5,000%, doubling in 2023 alone.

Apple sees a higher royalty percentage as an incentive and reward. The company wants more high-quality music on its platform, but notes that recording audio for Dolby Atmos tracks requires a more complex effort.

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