Apple moved its WWDC sessions to YouTube

Apple developer joins YouTube

A selection of WWDC 2023 sessions is now available on YouTube, and the 2024 sessions will be available there , as soon as they start on June 10th.

Apple switched to online formats as COVID-19 forced the company to temporarily abandon in-person events. Today there is a hybrid approach with in-person events and pre-recorded videos and sessions.

These sessions were available through the Apple Developer app, but will now be available to view on YouTube. The Apple Developer Channel allows you to host sessions where people are already watching videos in their preferred format.

To ensure that the channel does not remain empty until WWDC 2024 begins on June 10, Apple has already filled the channel with WWDC 2023 sessions. There are currently 40 videos available on the channel with various playlists covering specific topics.

As with other Apple YouTube channels, comments are disabled.

Check out existing sessions while you wait for Apple AI announcements in June. The conference will take place from June 10 to 14.

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