Apple Maps now offers cycling routes in Switzerland and Sweden

by Tim Hardwick

Apple Maps now offers bike navigation in Switzerland and Sweden, allowing users across the country to get turn-by-turn directions while cycling (via

iPhone users in the Swiss Confederation and Sweden began receiving notifications about cycling routes overnight. ‌Apple Maps‌ Provides cycling routes on bike lanes, bike paths and roads where possible, including details such as steep grades, street congestion and the presence of stairs or other obstacles along the route.

If you have an Apple Watch, voice guidance and haptic feedback can also help you stay focused on where you're going.

Bike directions are coming to ‌Apple Maps‌ in iOS 14, and are also available in the US, China and Japan, as well as in some major cities around the world such as London, Barcelona and Toronto. Apple maintains a list of all regions with cycling routes on its website, but as of this writing it has not yet been updated to include Switzerland and Sweden.

(Thanks to MacRumors Virtuality forum member for Sweden !)

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