Apple items, including a business card signed by Steve Jobs, sold at auction for big money

Steve Jobs' business card

Perhaps we should have kept some of our old Apple hardware. RR Auction's “Steve Jobs and the Apple Computer Revolution” auction has ended, and collectors are fetching higher prices for Apple memorabilia.

The auction featured items dating back to the early days of computer technology and video games, as well as many autographed items from Steve Jobs.

The biggest demand was a business card signed by Steve Jobs circa 1983. No more than five business cards signed by Jobs from any era have been verified by PSA/DNA. It sold for an impressive $181,183.

Steve Jobs Auction Check

Also part of the auction was a check signed by Steve Jobs and payable to Pacific Telephone dated July 8, 1976. The check was sent with Address: 770 Welch Rd., Ste. 154, Palo Alto,” which is Apple's first official address. It sold for $66,069.

Other items included in the auction included:

  • A first-generation 4GB iPhone in sealed packaging sold for $147,286.
  • Signed Apple-1. by Steve Wozniak, sold for $323,789.
  • 1984 Apple Mouse Prototype, sold for $14,616.
  • Apple Videopad 2 Mockup Prototype, sold for $26,488
  • 13 G3 iMacs sold for $11,229.
  • Two Apple Watch Hermes Series 0 sold for $9,375 and $10,865.

In December, a check signed by Steve Jobs in 1976 went up for auction. The check was written for a purchase from RadioShack in the amount of $4.01 and sold for $46,063.

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