Apple is reportedly developing a new custom AI data center chip

Apple has been investing a lot in artificial intelligence lately, and the company will soon introduce its own generative artificial intelligence to the world. In fact, it looks like the company is taking AI seriously: A new report claims that Apple is developing a new chip specifically for AI data centers.

Apple is working on an “AI chip” for servers

Report In Wall Street Journal reports that the company is building “AI chips” for data centers, possibly to power some of its new AI-powered features that will be announced at WWDC 2024 next month.

“ Apple is working on its own chip designed to run artificial intelligence software on data center servers, a move that could give the company a key advantage in the artificial intelligence arms race, he said. Aaron Tilley and Yang Jie told WSJ about this, citing sources familiar with the matter. The project is known as ACDC – for Apple Chips in Data Center.

The report comes after analyst Jeff Pu of Haitong International Securities said this week that Apple is using M2 Ultra and M4 chips to power servers. is dedicated to the new AI-powered features of iOS 18.

The company is expected to introduce many generative AI-powered features in iOS 18 and other software updates that will be announced in June at WWDC 2024. Apple is also developing own language models that can work offline. However, these models are more limited, so having online alternatives would be ideal for getting more accurate results.

Interestingly, previous reports have shown that Apple has been in talks with both OpenAI and Google to use their technologies artificial intelligence. in iOS 18. It's unclear whether Apple still plans to make deals with third parties or will simply use its own servers instead.

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