Apple design executives explain why EyeSight is a “core” feature of Vision Pro

In a new interview with Wallpaper, Apple design chiefs Alan Dye and Richard Howarth shared some new details about the Apple Vision Pro; it's a design language. The piece also includes a variety of images that offer “an exclusive look at the Apple Vision Pro.”

Alan Dye, Apple's vice president of user experience design, explained that one of Apple's main goals is that Vision Pro doesn't isolate people like other VR or AR headsets on the market. In fact, according to Dai, Vision is “neither AR nor VR.”

“For the Vision Pro, we realized that this technology of wearing something that can transport you to another place is very powerful. And that as a result of this and changing the context of users, really deep experiences can be achieved. But we also realized a lot of the problems that existed with this kind of technology, especially around isolation.

Once we realized that the product could be used to connect, bring people together and improve their lives, as we do with many other Apple products, that's when we became completely immersed in the program and wanted to bring it to life. We were excited about what this could mean for a completely new platform. That's why we call it spatial computing.”

Dye also offered new context for EyeSight and how it “is the core concept of the product.”

“We wanted the people around you to also feel comfortable when you wear it, and for you to feel comfortable wearing it among other people. That's why we've spent years developing a set of very natural and comfortable gestures that you can use without waving your arms in the air. That's why we developed EyeSight, because we knew more than anything else: if we're going to close your eyes, it's going to take away most of what's possible when you communicate with people. Getting this right was at the core of the product concept because we wanted people to make these connections in their real world.”

Richard Howarth, Apple's VP of Industrial Design added, that one of the key points of the design process is that Apple's hardware and software teams start the project at the same time:

“At the same time, we also start the project . Hardware is not designed and then we install software on it, and experiences are not designed and then the hardware is built to enable it. This happens symbiotically. We create it together. We all understand the principles and high-level goals, and then we move forward together, step by step, as a team, so that there is no distance between us.”

The full version of Wallpaper is definitely worth watching.

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