Apple Cuts OLED iPad Pro Orders by 20-30%, Supply Chain Report Says

A new supply chain report claims Apple has cut its OLED iPad Pro orders by 20-30% as it reportedly that the company is taking a more pessimistic view of likely sales.

This follows a recent report that says production of the next-generation iPad Pro models is already underway as we move closer to the expected spring launch &#8230 ;

iPad Pro models with OLED screen

Apple is expected to upgrade the iPad Pro from IPS LCD with miniLED backlight to OLED this year. The company began phasing in OLED with the Apple Watch, then the iPhone and iPad are expected to be next, ahead of MacBook Pro models.

Bloomberg reported that new models will be released. in the spring, and a recent supply chain report says the first fully assembled OLED iPad Pro models will ship to Apple in April.

Apple orders are reported to be down 20-30%

Trendforce cites Aja Korea Daily reports that Apple has reduced the number of iPad Pro models it has ordered from its suppliers.

Reports suggest a potential reduction of 30%. estimated order volume, indicating Apple's cautious outlook on the new product. This is also expected to impact suppliers in the supply chain such as LG Display (LGD), TSMC, Foxconn and Novatek.

Aju Korea Daily, citing industry sources, reported that Apple has reduced the number of OLED displays . orders for screens for its new iPad Pro. The initial order of 10 million units has been adjusted to a range of 7 to 8 million units.

Increasing prices may be a factor

Apple is reported to be using the most advanced form of OLED, combining hybrid glass-polyamide film. with dual-stack tandem OLED, which uses two layers of pixels instead of one. This increases brightness while reducing burn-in, which has historically proven to be a drawback of large OLED screens.

This has led to speculation of significant price increases, although these are likely greatly exaggerated.


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