Apple COO Jeff Williams visited Taiwan to celebrate Foxconn's 50th anniversary

by Hartley Charlton

Apple Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams is making a rare visit to Taiwan to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Foxconn, one of the company's key suppliers, Bloomberg reports.

The Apple COO was joined by Senior Vice President of Operations Sabih Khan, as well as representatives from SoftBank and Arm. Foxconn assembles Apple devices, including iPhones, iPads and MacBooks. The supplier is now helping Apple shift some of its iPhone assembly to India as the company seeks to diversify its global supply chain.

Williams last visited Taiwan in 2017 to celebrate TSMC's 30th anniversary. Apple CEO Tim Cook has not visited Taiwan since 2008. Williams led the development of the Apple Watch and various Apple health initiatives. He now oversees many of the company's vital activities, including hardware and software development.

Williams is reportedly the leading candidate to succeed Cook as Apple CEO. He is apparently “seen as the heir apparent” within the company, having led Apple's global operations under Cook, a role Cook previously held for Steve Jobs before becoming CEO himself.

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