Apple closes store ahead of pre-orders for Apple Vision Pro

As always on the day of a major release, Apple has closed the online Apple Store – at least in the US – and will reopen later to begin taking orders for the Apple Vision Pro.

It is common for Apple to close its store, for example, it does the same with every iPhone release, but it is unusual that this is limited to only the United States. The reason is that Apple Vision Pro is launching exclusively in the States, so it will not be featured in any other version of the store this time.

When the store reopens at 5am PT and 8am ET time, it will open again. also being unusual in how complicated the pre-order process is. Because Apple Vision Pro must be customized for different head sizes, as well as prescription lenses if necessary, pre-ordering will be a two-step process.

The first is a normal order placement, although Apple's guidelines state how Customers may need to install the latest version of the Apple Store app for iOS, followed by a separate lens-related step. Corrective lens users will be required to upload details of their prescriptions.

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