Apple Car Blues, Apple Ask and Apple Vision Pro Experiences on the AppleInsider Podcast

Apple canceled its car project

How Apple Car's cancellation came as a surprise, but the surprise will benefit Apple's artificial intelligence plans intelligence — and may have already done so.

Cancellation of the Apple Car project — if this is really what happened — it's not the stunning failure it might seem. We may be looking at this through the rose-colored glass of the Apple Vision Pro, but there are already signs that the project has led to progress for Apple in other areas.

The cancellation is expected to lead to improvements in Apple AI — both because of the lessons learned in the project and because team members are redeployed to work on machine learning. But while host William Gallagher wonders what real benefits this could bring, Wes Hilliard gives a concrete example of how Apple has already used its Apple Car expertise.

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  • The ten-year-old Apple Car project may be completely dead.
  • Apple AI is the investment firm's focus after the death of the Apple Car.
  • Canceling the Apple Car is a good move, says Morgan Stanley.
  • Apple will reap huge benefits from the canceled Apple Car project for decades to come.

  • Apple Pencil update coming soon — what you need to know
  • Apple's internal AI “Ask” tool is being tested by employees
  • Apple's “Ask” project could be much more than just an AI-powered support tool
  • The Apple Vision Pro is unsurprisingly expensive to produce. The constant demand for Apple Vision Pro is consistent with all Apple releases. Apple Vision Pro may be released overseas earlier than expected. Five Apple Vision Pro Cinematic Environments We'd Like to See Apple Vision Pro's Return Rate Is About the Same as the iPhone 15 Pro
  • The production of the Apple Vision Pro is not surprisingly expensive
  • The constant demand for the Apple Vision Pro corresponds to all Apple launches
  • The Apple Vision Pro can to launch overseas sooner than expected.
  • Five Apple Vision Pro cinematic environments we'd like to see.
  • Apple Vision Pro's return rate is about the same as the iPhone's. 15 Pro
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