Apple calls 128GB “more storage” in its ad for the new iPhone 15

128GB doesn't help when many popular apps balloon to 10GB or more more

The base 128GB storage level for the iPhone 15 didn't stop Apple from saying its latest models have “plenty of space to store lots of photos.”

There was a time when 128GB could fit your entire existing catalog of video games , but storage needs have increased over time. However, as we approach four years of base 128GB storage, it's clear that this isn't enough, despite what Apple's latest ad may say.

The short 30-second commercial shows a man contemplating deleting some of his photos, but they shout “Don't let go” as the song of the same name plays. Message — The iPhone 15 has “plenty of space for lots of photos.”

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It's not like A long time ago we complained about base memory 64GB, but that's gone in 2021 with the iPhone 13. Apple previously moved from a base capacity of 32GB to 64GB in the iPhone X in 2018.

So, we're at the end of a three-year capacity cycle memory, and Apple says the iPhone 15 has plenty of it. By comparison, the average user could easily fill half of 128GB with app storage alone, not to mention photos and videos.

Thankfully, iCloud exists – – if you're willing to pay If 128 GB on iPhone seems small, then 5 GB for free on iCloud is simply a crime.

In our experience, most people would rather delete valuable photos and videos than spend money on additional iCloud storage. Those same people are more likely to buy base model configurations to save money on an already expensive product.

Of course, Apple offers a 1TB iPhone 15 Pro, but that will cost you $1,499 — $700 more than the base model. It might be better to take that $700 and pay almost six years for 2TB of iCloud+ storage.

For those upgrading from a previous 64GB iPhone, that 128GB will seem huge in comparison. But this feeling will be short-lived as the new iPhone with a 48-megapixel camera will be filled with new photos and videos in high resolution.

If Apple wants to make an ad boasting about storage capacity, it should increase the base capacity to 256 GB in the iPhone 16 this fall. Or at least finally give customers more than 5 GB of iCloud by default.

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