Apple buys domain, suggesting generative AI additions could come to iWork

Layout of the “iWork.AI” logo based on the Apple#039;iWork '09 release

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Apple typically refers to its Pages, Numbers, and Keynote apps by separate names , but sometimes still refers to them collectively as iWork.This was when Apple sold all three in a boxed set along with the iLife collection, which included iMovie, GarageBand, and so on.

The latest version of the suite of applications was released in 2009, when Apple released iWork'09 and also launched The latter was an attempt to add collaboration to apps, but the site is no longer active.

Like, but as noted, Apple has already bought the domain. appears to be correct that Apple has acquired the domain, but the site goes too far, extrapolating it as a “revolutionary” and “bold move” that “signals the relaunch of iWork.” …to compete with MS Office and Google Docs.”

Because Apple may buy domains simply to prevent other companies from taking them over. He might even buy them because these are apparently common misspellings, so “” goes to

Back in 2011, the DomainGang website listed 543 different domains owned by Apple. In subsequent years there may be hundreds more of them — and, importantly, owning a domain name does not mean you have to have a website there.

So it's possible that is indeed a sign that Apple is planning a major relaunch of Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. However, if that were the case, he would likely acquire the domains,,, and possibly

Due to the nature of website registration, it is often impossible to accurately determine which companies own the domain — and especially not because Apple could use intermediary firms. Currently, and are registered to companies located in California, is registered to one in Rockford, Illinois, and is registered to one in Reykjavik, Iceland.

In addition, is up for sale, which Apple is unlikely to do.

Most reports claiming that Apple will actively implement artificial intelligence at WWDC 2024 expect the company to do so through its operating systems, particularly iOS, rather than individual applications. However, enhanced AI functionality in the OS will potentially support every app's functionality.

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