Apple begins allowing developers to add alternative app stores to App Store Connect

By Julie Clover

EU developers can now add alternative app stores to App Store Connect, Apple announced today. Apple also accepts applications for notarization, which is required for all applications that will be distributed through alternative marketplaces.

Apple is making these changes to the ‌App Store‌ Connect ahead of the launch of iOS 17.4, an update that changes the app ecosystem in the European Union. Alternative app stores are dedicated iOS apps that you can download to your iPhone from a website or web browser that serve as an alternative to the ‌App Store‌. App marketplaces can distribute iOS apps, giving developers the opportunity to sell their apps without going through the ‌App Store‌.

Both alternative marketplaces and apps added to the ‌iPhone‌ through one of the marketplaces are verified by Apple to prevent malware, viruses, and similar harmful content.

To add an alternative marketplace or submit an app for notarization, developers must agree to Apple's new terms of business. Business terms include a core technology fee, which requires app stores to pay €0.50 per install and apps to pay the same fee after 1 million installs.

Because ‌ you can add alternative app stores to ‌ App store‌ Connect, you can set up marketplace distribution and marketplace apps, and TestFlight can be used to beta test new features.

TestFlight also supports apps that use alternative browser mechanisms and alternative payments through third-party payment providers.

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