Apple Arcade Guide: Here's Everything Available [New: Bloons TD Battles 2+ and More]

Apple Arcade launched with nearly 100 titles, and new games are added to the service almost every week, now with over 200 games online. library. Follow our guide to all available Apple Arcade games, plus the latest releases.

8/8/24: After After a month-long release hiatus, Apple Arcade will have three new games coming to Apple Arcade in early March.

You can learn more about and download all the newest games by heading to the Arcade tab in the App Store. then swipe down to the bottom and click “View all games.” Additionally, the newest games usually appear at the top.

If you haven't signed up yet, Apple Arcade is free for the first month, then $7 per month for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, and Apple TV ( included in Apple One kits).

PS5 and Xbox wireless controllers are also compatible with Apple devices and select games.

Available Apple Arcade games by release date

New releases March 7, 24:

  • Bloons TD Battles 2+
  • Battle of Polytopia+
  • Crayola Adventures

4/4/24: BEAST: Bio Exo Arena Suit Team is a new 3 game 3″ space shooter game, and Words in Progress is a new word matching puzzle game.

BEAST: Bio Exo Arena Suit Team

Immerse yourself in BEAST's space adventure! A unique 3v3 online shooter designed for all ages. BEAST combines charm and excitement with intuitive controls.

– Unleash your inner champion with our accessible and rewarding shooting mechanics for endless fun and excitement.

– Travel through an exciting sci-fi universe as the iconic animal hero. Pilot powerful mechanized armor known as BEASTS and fight for the honor of your home planet.

– Experience fast-paced gameplay with the unique ability to switch between your agile pet and powerful BEAST forms, each with their own unique form. abilities and weapons.

– Meet our charismatic heroes: the cunning cat Clyde, the sharp-shooting owl Nyx, the ferocious warthog Rusty and the eccentric unicorn G.G. New. Even more diverse characters await you.

– Take part in various exciting game modes such as Payload, Crystal Rush and Free For All. Each mode promises to give your battles a unique twist, depth and excitement.

– Team up with friends and family in a gaming environment that is both fun and friendly. Victory is even sweeter when it's shared.

– Compete for ultimate glory as you climb the ranks and dominate the leaderboards against players from around the world.

Unleash your inner BEAST, feel the joy victory and become a true legend in the exciting BEAST arena!

Install the game now and get ready for the decisive battle!

Words in progress

The fun of creating word puzzles that never goes away! Combine letters to create words. Survive as long as possible in Endless Mode or play against others in Multiplayer Mode!

Words in Progress offers:

– A unique new word game

– Endless Mode single player

– Asynchronous multiplayer

– Long and gradual learning curve.

– Clean, cozy and crisp design.

– Fun for all ages.

– Multi-language support

4/4/24: Tamagotchi Adventure Kingdom

The most beloved virtual friends series of all time introduces a wonderful new journey for all adventurers. Welcome to the Tamagotchi Adventure Kingdom!

Join our charming hero Mametchi as he travels the world, solving problems, making friends, and harnessing the power of happiness to restore the kingdom. Build and decorate your camp in the wild and invite your most loyal Tamagotchi companions to have fun together.


Cornsweeper is a cool thing & a whimsical reimagining of a beloved classic. Meditative clearing of the mind; Pop delicious popcorn, avoid explosions. Lofi and popcorn.

Blackjack from MobilityWare+

Blackjack from MobilityWare+ is now on Apple Arcade! Experience the thrill of 21, the popular card game for all players!

12/5/23: Disney Dreamlight Valley Arcade Edition

Play Disney Dreamlight Valley Arcade Edition on Apple Arcade, which includes full access to the base game and the Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Rift In Time Expansion Pass.

Experience this life simulation adventure game full of quests, exploration, and fun activities with Disney and Pixar friends old and new.

Sonic Dream Team

Join Sonic and his friends as they dive into the whimsical world of dreams! Unravel an original and compelling storyline as you command six dynamic playable characters. With their unique abilities, race, climb and fly to defeat the infamous Eggman!

Get ready to race through mind-bending dream worlds that feature wall running, gravity bending, and more! Your mission: Fight to save your friends and battle Eggman for control of an ancient artifact that can make dreams come true.

Puzzles & A Tale of Dragons

A true puzzle role-playing game! Embark on an epic fantasy adventure based on match-3 puzzles!

Recruit allies, upgrade your teams, and conquer dungeons! Game PUZZLE & downloaded over 90 million times worldwide. DRAGONS is the ultimate puzzle RPG.


Turmoil+ offers players a visually charming and tongue-in-cheek game. take on the simulation genre inspired by the 19th century oil rush in North America. Feel the rush and competition of the time as you work your way to becoming a successful oil entrepreneur. As you earn money from extracting and selling oil, the city will grow with you.

11/24/23: Delicious – Miracle of Life+ – the newest version release.

Experience a story-driven time management game with Delicious – Miracle of Life+! This fan favorite from the Delicious series is now available in Arcade. It offers exciting levels of time management, a touching story and interesting characters in one game.

Join Emily on her journey as she begins making cooking videos. blogs with delicious family recipes and receives heartwarming news that she and her husband Patrick are expecting a baby. As they prepare to welcome a new addition to their family and manage their busy lives, they could use a helping hand, and that's where you come in!

11/17/23: Downwell+ appeared on Apple Arcade. It's a retro action game, “about a man going down a well in search of untold treasure, defended only by his gun boots.”

Amazing gunboats boots. Fashionable and deadly, the Gunner's Boots allow players to unleash a torrent of firepower on the foul creatures that inhabit the well and slow your fall with every shot.

Unique weapons and amplifiers; Items – acquire different weapons, buy unusual items and receive powerful upgrades that add up and influence your playstyle!

A new adventure every time – each level in Downwell is procedurally generated, so there is no need to go down twice, the wells are always the same and the same ones, each time offering a new new adventure!

6/11/23: Football Manager 2024 Touch has been released with “new features and gameplay.” updates.”

The world's best football management simulation returns to Apple Arcade for a new season with Football Manager 2024 Touch.

Achieve instant fame as the boss of one of the world's best clubs, or import your existing career from Football Manager 2023 Touch. To continue your progress, the choice is yours.

New features and gameplay improvements will allow you to improve your team's performance this season, create a title-winning culture, and inspire your players on the stages that matter most.

11/3/23: Knotwords+ by Zach Gage “is a minimal and elegant word logic puzzle game.”

The rules are simple: arrange the letters in each section so that each word is valid, across and down.

Each puzzle may seem challenging at first, but like all of my favorite newspaper puzzles, it gets easier as you progress. Each step leads you naturally towards a solution.

This is the type of game I've been trying to create my entire career – I'm amazed that Jack and I discovered this design. We hope you enjoy it.

10/24/23: NBA2K24 Arcade Edition has arrived on Apple Arcade as a major new release:

Enjoy new ways to play at home and on the go with the latest installment in the world-famous NBA 2K franchise, available exclusively on Apple Arcade!

Feel like an NBA superstar with MyCAREER, play games, to win fans and gain the support of iconic brands such as Nike, Jordan or Adidas.

Unlock NBA legends to join your streetball team, take on AI, and earn VCs that you can use to unlock new shoes, accessories, clothing, and tattoos for the first time in Apple Arcade.

Challenge new ones GOAT on Apple Arcade. The Greatest mode and unlock a whole new cast of NBA superstars and legends. Create the team of your wildest dreams and face off against other GOAT squads in the ultimate showdown in fantasy's ultimate team challenge.

Think you have what it takes to command? Test your head coaching skills in Association mode with SimCast Live. Control your team's strategy and lead your NBA franchise to victory!

Sit courtside in spectator mode or play NBA season-appropriate games with NBA Today.

And here's the interesting thing: it's not just about the game; it's also about your style! Now you can set up your MyCOURT indoors, hone your skills, and then invite friends via Game Center to witness your greatness!

10/20/23: Crossword Jam+ is a unique word search game. With new daily word problems that keep you thinking hard, you won't be able to stop! Just swipe and connect letters to find words and expand your vocabulary!

10/13/23: The popular physics-based puzzle franchise Cut the Rope is back with its third release exclusively for Apple Arcade. Here's what to expect from Cut the Rope 3:

This newest chapter in the global Cut the Rope franchise takes you into a vibrant and immersive world. The key to travel is in the stars, but how to collect them? The restless Nibble Nome is ready to help – if you can figure out how to guide him through the stars. Work it out! Start this exciting journey today!

10/6/23: Jeopardy! Apple Arcade is coming to World Tour+ this week.

America's favorite quiz show® is at your fingertips, bringing the real game of Jeopardy! Experience a quiz game show like never before. Play the official Jeopardy! Mobile game World Tour+ is now available on Apple Arcade! Get ready to train your brain, increase your IQ and become the ultimate quiz champion!

29/23:Cypher 007 arrives as a top-down action adventure set in the world of James Bond as he tries to break out of his mental prison:

Cypher 007 – Experience the World Agent 007 like never before. Cypher 007 is a top-down adventure game inspired by the 60-year history of Spycraft. Players will step into the shoes of James Bond and relive some of his most iconic moments.

Criminal mastermind Blofeld and head of Specter has once again hatched a plan to sabotage his nemesis James Bond. This time he used a brainwashing technique known as the “Mind Trap”, keeping Bond in an asylum in an attempt to turn him into a real double agent. Play as 007 on his most challenging mission yet: escape the mind trap, defeat Blofeld, and put an end to the CIPHER program.

September 22:

Strong> Junkworld TD ( Tower Defense has arrived on Apple Arcade and brings “daring adventures, dangerous terrain and questionable companions.”

Command a resourceful clan of Scavengers as they survive the chaos of an epic post-apocalyptic battles. Expand your strategy using towers, special units and gadgets while training amazing, crazy looking heroes. Place your towers anywhere, the entire map is your tactical playground!

09/15/23:The Japanese countryside adventure will give you the feeling of “slow living in the countryside” Japan.”

Renovate an old house, make a beautiful yard, grow your own crops and become self-sufficient.


Admire the cherry blossoms in the spring;
attend a festival in the summer;
eat roasted sweet potatoes in the fall;
hear the jingle temple bell in winter, and then it will be time for the first visit to the temple in the New Year.

8/8/23: My Talking Angela 2+ is a popular game about virtual pets from the creators of the popular My Talking Tom franchise.

My Talking Angela 2+ is a virtual pet game that makes every day more stylish and fun. Players help this fashionable cat stay busy in her big city home.

  • Awesome hair, makeup, and clothing choices
  • Epic activities like dancing, baking and martial arts
  • Delicious food and snacks
  • Plane travel options
  • Mini-games and puzzles to test your skills and reflexes.
  • Completely new collections of stickers.

08/29/23:Samba de Amigo is a rhythm game that first appeared in arcades back in 1999 and later appeared on Dreamcast in 2000. Now Sega has brought back the popular franchise with the new Samba de Amigo: Party-To-Go for Apple Arcade.

It's time to take center stage in this vibrant rhythm action game -game.
Join Amigo and his friends in the all-new Samba de Amigo to take over the party. wherever you go!

Shake it on your maracas and enjoy 40 hits from the world's hottest genres, with more on the way!
Shake it and enjoy exclusive songs:

  • “The Edge of Glory” by Lady Gaga
  • “The Walker” Fitz and the Tantrums

Go on a journey with Amigo to bring back lost music to the world!

  • Explore Amigo's hometown and complete quests
  • Meet new characters

08/25/23: infinity. is a hand-crafted matching game with a limited number of moves.

Multiple rules lead to endless strategy, flow, and exciting close calls.

  1. Tiles flow around.
  2. Move rows or columns to match three.
  3. Moves are limited, so think carefully!

Climb the leaderboards by leveling up your skills to unlock challenging specials tiles, power-ups and new themes to suit your mood in Classic mode.
Or switch to Tempo mode and lose yourself in the music, quickly creating combinations and finding your rhythm. .

08/18/23: Kingdoms: Merge & Buildis the soothing experience of Merge 2 mixed with kingdom-building gameplay in this story-rich adventure exclusive to Apple Arcade!

The Kingdom needs your help! During the king's absence, a mysterious magical force destroyed the kingdom. Now it's up to Prince Edward, Desmond, Meghan and other friends to restore the land to its former glory. Embark on this magical adventure and uncover its mystery.

08/10/23: Neograms+ is an “adorable cat puzzle game.”

07/28/23: Hello Kitty Island Adventureis a brand new game in the popular franchise that allows players to “restore an abandoned island to its former glory.”

Welcome to the Great Adventure Park, where friendship is key and adventure is just around the corner! Join your cute new friends in a gorgeous world filled with adorable creatures, delicious food, and plenty of mysteries to explore.

07/21/23: Stardew Valley+The award-winning RPG/farming simulator arrives in Apple Arcade.

Move to the countryside and start a new life in this award-winning open game. -completed farming RPG! Over 50 hours of game content and new mobile-specific features such as autosave and multiple control options.

07/14/23: Ridiculous Fishing EXThis is an updated version hit original launched on Apple Arcade.

Follow Billy as he tries to find redemption for his uncertain past. Follow your destiny on the high seas and embark on a heroic quest for gills and glory.

An all-new 3D Ridiculous Fishing game, built from the ground up by the original award-winning team, with new features…

7/7/23: LEGO DUPLO WORLD+ and Slay the Spire+has launched on Apple Arcade.

First, the popular children's app LEGO DUPLO WORLD+ brings great value, unlocking up to $40 in in-game purchases.

Now in Arcade, LEGO® DUPLO® WORLD+ is filled with unlimited play possibilities with animals, buildings, exciting vehicles and trains that inspire your child's imagination and creativity as they learn.

Meanwhile, Slay the Spire+ is a “Deckbuilding Dungeon Crawl” that won IGN's 2019 “Best Strategy Game” award.

6/30/23: Millionaire Trivia: TV Game+ brings the hit Who Wants to Be a Millionaire to Apple Arcade without ads or in-app purchases.

06/23/23: Retro Bowl+Hit as the newest game on Apple Arcade.

Take advantage of everything that made RETRO BOWL a #1 hit on the App Store: great retro styling and easy cast management, including press duties and dealing with fragile egos at the time how on the field you can command. Will you be able to pass this stage and lead your team to the main prize? Can you win the Retro Bowl?

06/16/23: Jet Dragonallows players to “travel through space and time into the world of Venusus, where dragon racers soar through the skies.”

Developer GREZZO says Jet Dragon features “intuitive racing, formidable opponents, challenging tracks” and more .

9/6/23: Bold Moves+is a word puzzle game that combines “serene scenes, challenging levels, daily/weekly events, and inspiring quote puzzles.”

In addition, Kimono Cats received an update with a new level, mini-game, achievements, items and much more.

4/4/23:Apple unveiled its second-largest expansion in a single day, bringing 20 new games to the platform. Here are all the new items:

  • TMNT Splintered Fate
  • Cityscapes: Sim Builder
  • Disney SpellStruck
  • Temple Run+
  • Chess Universe+
  • Disney Coloring World+
  • Disney Getaway Blast+
  • Farming Simulator 20+
  • Getting Over It+
  • Hill Climb Racing+
  • Iron Marines+
  • Kingdom of Two Crowns+
  • LIMBO+
  • My Town Home – Family games+
  • Octodad: Dad's Catch+
  • PPKP+
  • Very Little Nightmares+

4/28/23: Grand Mountain Adventure+out this week on Apple Arcade.

Get ready to explore huge open world mountains and ski resorts in this skiing and snowboarding adventure. With complete freedom to go anywhere, you can take on the biggest cliff drop, freeride down a steep chute, clear gates on a tight slalom course, stomp out the perfect run in the park, or just enjoy the feeling of fresh steam.

Apr 21, 23: Summon Questis a new shoot and loot strategy game with 60 levels.

A rift has formed in our world, now infested with monsters. You have to heal this gap and save the planet. Shoot, gain skills and fight your way through different regions, each with unique enemies, challenges, bosses and themes.

4/7/23:Doctor Who: An Unlikely Heist, the official Doctor Who game, combines “an exciting new story and challenging puzzle gameplay into an epic adventure across time and space.”

3/31/23: Man: Fall Flat+ there's a funny one and a “light-hearted” physics puzzle platformer that can be played either alone or in multiplayer mode.

03/24/23: Clue: The Classic Mystery Game+is now available for download on Apple Arcade. This is an original Hasbro board game adapted for iPhone and iPad.

03/17/23: Osmos+is a mesmerizing and addictive physics-based “space survival game”. The game has won a long list of awards, including an Apple Design Award and iPad Game of the Year, as well as similar top honors from IGN, Pocket Gamer and others.

If you've played before, it's a fun time. to come back to it again, if you haven't tried it yet, you need to try it 😁.

Enter the Darwinian world of a galactic mote. Grow by absorbing smaller particles, but beware of being consumed yourself.

“Osmos+ offers unique physics-based gameplay, stellar graphics and a hypnotic ambient soundtrack.

Navigate through floating playgrounds, competing petri dishes, deep solar systems, and more.

The key is to balance mass and motion: to move, you must throw matter behind you, forcing yourself to shrink. Use it wisely.

Whether you're a kid who loves tinkering with single-celled organisms or a strategist with a degree in physics, this game is for you.

3/3/23: “Kimono Cats”brings “charming entertainment” to Japan's matsuri festival.

February 24 2023: Lifeline+is a unique and immersive narrative experience about survival and perseverance:

“Lifeline has pioneered a new storytelling experience made possible by modern devices. The story unfolds in real time as Taylor struggles to survive while notifications deliver new messages throughout the day. Keep an eye on them or catch up with them later when you're free.

Or dive into the story and go back to earlier points in the story and see what happens if you make different choices. Simple actions can have a profound effect. Complete any path to start the story over and unlock this mode.

“Line of Life” is a deep, gripping story of survival and perseverance with many possible outcomes.Taylor is relying on YOU.”

02/17/23: Farmsidehas arrived on Apple Arcade so you can “build the farm of your dreams!”

02/10/23: Riptide GP: Renegade+Hydrojet racing now available on Apple Arcade:

“Discover the future of illegal jet racing, where armored racers perform death-defying stunts over massive waterfalls , evade cops on public waterways and race at breakneck speeds across raging waves.”

2/3/23: Blow up your car and solve a 3D physics puzzle Castle Crumblefeaturing “powerful explosives and mystical spells.”

27 Jan 23: Squiggle Dropforces players to use “creativity and imagination to solve charming physics puzzles by drawing one shape and watching what unfolds!”

January 20, 2023: Pocket Card Jockey: Keep Riding! arrived on Apple Arcade this week with a unique take on solitaire.

01/13/23:Illustrated comes out as a new game on Apple Arcade this week with an addictive puzzle game that you can play alone or with up to three other people.

01/06/23:Role playing Objective Episode XOXO – allowing you to “live your stories with love, romance, adventure and drama.”

Dec 16, 22:GameLoft has launched a new mini-game adventure title with My Little Pony: Mane Merge.

Now that magic has returned to Equestria, darkness has enveloped the world. Explore, discover and unlock magical locations. Purify the darkness, protect magic and save ponies and creatures.

Fulfill the wishes of all ponies by combining and creating objects. Fulfill wishes to restore the glory of the lands of Equestria. Let your spark burn bright and contribute from the heart!

This is the new home for Mane 5 and their wonderful mini-games. The former Martime Bay lighthouse has been rebuilt, renovated and re-energized.

Complete challenges and achievements to collect stickers and fill your sticker book. There are over 120 stickers to collect, so hurry!

Try your hand at the weekly challenges; feed a hungry beast in Feeding Frenzy or find Sparky Sparkeroni in the Find Sparky section.

9/12/22:After the first JellyCar was released in 2008, the original developer worked with Disney to create JellyCar 2 and 3. However, they were discontinued in 2014.

Now, eight years later, creator Valaber is back with JellyCar Worlds.

“Jelly car? Car JELLY-EST!
The classic racing game/platformer is back! After more than 10 years, a new modern JellyCar game is finally here!

Gameplay with tactile soft body physics
Your car is made of jelly. Such is the world! Use this and your various abilities (Grow, Balloon, Sticky Tires, Rocket and more) to navigate the levels and find your way out!

Creative and playful design
Travel through multiple worlds, each with its own theme and game mechanics.

Living Flipbook
The combination of sounds and visuals creates the feeling of an animated flipbook.

Various customizations
Create your own car design and even record your own sound effects!
Unlock more designs, brushes and stencils as you play.

I remember this game from My childhood!
Yay! The original creator (Valaber) is back and developing an all-new, modern version of the classic JellyCar gameplay.”

2/2/22:Side Scrolling Dead Cells+ appeared in Apple Arcade.

“Play as a failed alchemy experiment and explore a vast, ever-changing castle to discover what happened on this dark island…!
That is, if you can fight your way past its guardians.

Dead Cells+ is a roguelike platformer that requires you to master frantic 2D combat using a wide variety of weapons and skills against merciless minions. and the boss.”

11/25/22: SpongeBob SolitairePants is the latest Apple Arcade exclusive that brings a new twist to the classic card game.

” SpongeBob has found solitaire and can't wait to share it with you and everyone in Bikini Bottom! SolitairePants uses a square play area. It's easy to learn, but you'll have to play strategically to clear each card.”

The game includes quest, multiplayer and classic modes with the ability to build a variety of decks and enjoy daily competitions. .

11/18/22: The Skate City updateintroduces a new level with 21 new challenges and 30 new goals.

“Welcome Welcome to the streets of Venice Beach! Soak up the sun while ice skating along the shores of this legendary destination. Visit world-famous skate parks, bomb suburban hills, or tear your way down a muscle-bound beach.

Venice brings you over 21 new challenges, plus our convenient new Skateboarding Academy tutorial for beginners. Head to Free Skate for unlimited sessions and complete all 30 new objectives to earn even more Skate Cred!

Old Man's Journey+ is the newest version of Apple Arcade.

“An adventure about life's precious moments, broken dreams and changed plans.

Immerse yourself in a beautiful, sun-drenched, handcrafted world. Embark on a soulful journey filled with lighthearted, effortless puzzle solving.”

11/11/22:Sega Football Manager 2023 Touch is the newest game on Apple Arcade:

“The world's favorite sports management game debuts on Apple Arcade. Feel the thrill of being a football manager, developing elite talent, and winning football's biggest prizes.

Football Manager 2023 Touch, bringing our 3D Match engine to iPhone for the first time, delivers the most realistic football management experience on handheld devices. games.

The time has come for you to join the management elite. With over 120 leagues from the world's biggest football powers at your fingertips, where will you find your ideal club?

11/4/22: Battleheart Legacy+ RPG, awarded “App Store Editor's Choice” award, appeared in Apple Arcade.

10.28.22:“Simple rules, complex solutions” is the slogan of the embroidered puzzle game Stitch.

10/14/22: “Manage time in surreal worlds” in the adventure game The Gardens Between+.

July 10/22:Solitaire “Spider:” Card Game+ and Gin Rummy Classic+ from developer MobilityWare are the latest releases from Apple Arcade.

September 30:GRIS+ – A serene and memorable adventure

“Gris is a young girl, full of hope, lost in her own world, going through a painful experience in her life. Her journey through grief manifests itself in her dress, which gives her new abilities to better navigate her faded reality. As the story progresses, Gris will grow emotionally and see his world differently, opening up new paths to explore using his new abilities.

GRIS+ is a serene and memorable experience, free from danger, disappointment and death. . Players will explore a carefully crafted world brought to life with exquisite graphics, detailed animation and elegant original music. Over the course of the game, light puzzles, platforming sequences, and additional skill-based challenges will be revealed as the world of Gris becomes accessible.”

September 23, 22:Shovel Knight Dig – Action-packed

“When the Drill Knight and his dastardly crew of diggers destroy the Knight Knight's peaceful camp and steal his loot, he grabs his trusty Shovel Blade and begins tunneling beyond them!
Meet the New Ones friends and enemies, visit unfamiliar lands and prepare for adventures to prevent the entire earth from collapsing under your feet! Jump, slash, and fight your way into an ever-changing, mysterious chasm in Shovel Knight Dig, an all-new Shovel Knight adventure!”

09.16.22: Garden Tails: Match and Grow – Relaxing puzzle game

9/9/22: Horizon Chase 2

Horizon Chase 2 is the evolution of the award-winning racing series. Born from the arcade, this game will satisfy your senses with its addictive and high-speed gameplay. This is the golden era of arcade racing, reborn in a modern and completely improved form.

The classic signature 90's gameplay stands out by putting your fingers in precise control of the cars. Forget complicated settings: you're just steps away from overtaking, forks and nitrous. Dodge your opponents without blinking an eye. This game is easy to pick up and play, but difficult to master. This game requires sharp racing skills and quick reflexes to defeat your opponents and cross the finish line.

Lead your team to the race! You can play any online racing game mode with your friends. Gather a team of other players to progress together or compete against each other against players from all over the world. Wherever you are, it's time to have endless fun in the new era of arcade racing.

Race through a fully 3D world, traveling in a unique art style. From the vibrant colors of each landscape to the exciting different weather conditions, complemented by a thrilling soundtrack created by Barry Leitch, this game transforms the arcade experience into a true art form. New horizons will lead you to the beauty of a stunning and alluring journey without return.

Red or Blue? Stars or flames? By visiting the Garage Store, you can customize your car so that it becomes yours as much as possible. Collect new cosmetic items and improve your stats throughout the World Tour. Race in different game modes and keep getting new visual rewards. Winning was never worth it.

Horizon Chase 2 is designed to be played live. Dynamic evergreen events will allow you to hone your skills and show off your cars. Major updates will bring new rewards. Various game modes will take you to the next level of challenge. Every day is a great reason to come back and race.”

9/2/22: Hanx101 Trivia

“Become a trivia master with Hanx101 Trivia ! Test your knowledge across multiple categories: from history to math, geography to food, the questions keep coming! Beat your own record or challenge others in trivia matches or team play. Available exclusively on Apple Arcade.

  • Journey through the Hanx101 mode and answer 101 trivia questions to prove you're a quiz master. Correct answers in a row will increase your score!
  • Play one-on-one or team up for competitive quizzes
  • Earn wildcards to power up your quiz game and defeat your opponents by answering tens of thousands of quiz questions
  • Learn a new fun fact every time you play

Tom Hanks challenges you in Hanx101 Trivia! Play, learn, compete and become a quiz master!

8/26/22: Love You to Bits+

“Love You to Bits+ is an adorably sweet, purely visual, puzzle-filled, universe-spanning sci-fi adventure. Players follow the journey of Cosmo, a clumsy newbie space explorer, as he searches for Nova, his robot girlfriend. After a fatal accident, Nova's pieces are scattered across space, and it's up to Cosmo to collect all of Nova's pieces, rebuild it, and put it back together again. Explore the strangest worlds and planets, full of fantastical aliens, space-time mysteries, and hidden objects to collect. As players progress through the levels, they'll discover Cosmo and Nova's heartbreaking love story.”

08/19/22:Jetpack's popular endless side-scroller Joyride returns in an all-new version. “crazy adventure” Jetpack Joyride 2 is now available on Apple Arcade!

“Barry returns in a crazy adventure!

In this case, he will have new equipment and weapons to fight new enemies and make his way through the laboratory to stop the scientists' experiments before it is too late.

An enhanced Jetpack Joyride adventure with new HD graphics , new animations, new mechanics and a new way to play.”

08/12/22:Talking Tom+ is coming to Apple Arcade, which means all the fun and no ads. or in-app purchases for the hit simulator.

“This is Talking Tom, a virtual pet cat who loves to chat.

Talking Tom is a cat that makes every day a fun adventure.

Players accept this virtual pet, make it happy and help it explore the world.

  • Talking Tom can really talk
  • Fashion and furniture collectibles
  • Mini-games add action, adventure and fun.
  • Travel destinations are waiting to be explored
  • Photo albums filled with memories
  • And much more

8/5/22: Amazing Bomberman is a brand new game in the popular franchise. The new version of Apple Arcade includes multiplayer for 1-4 players with “great music and visuals.”

»Competitive action gaming icon Bomberman is now available on Apple Arcade! Amazing Bomberman is a new Bomberman game with great music and visuals. Enjoy exciting battles on stages that change to the rhythm of the music.”

  • Easy to play, enjoy online battles anytime, anywhere!
  • Bomberman merging with music!? Go through stages that change in accordance with the rhythm of the music.
  • Many songs were written specifically for Amazing Bomberman!
  • Practice mode for a single player.
  • Practice mode for a single player.
  • ;”>Exciting battles between friends in the “BATTLE OF A FRIEND” mode!
  • Participate in battles and collect customization items

07/29/22: Kingdom Rush Vengeance TD+ is the latest game in Apple Arcade, available for iPhone, iPad and Mac.

“Get ready to go into battle and show the Kingdom who is the real boss in the best tower defense game!

Fight empires of powerful enemies. Fight the supreme bosses, unlocking and switching to new towers. Train legendary heroes and get all the achievements using your strategy in this amazing TD game.

Kingdom Rush Vengeance will give you hours and hours of gameplay in the best tower defense game available!

07/22/22:HEROish is the newest game to hit Apple Arcade, and another exclusive to the service. Here's how developer Sunblink describes it:

“Play as one of six epic heroes, summon troops, cast spells and destroy enemy towers to achieve victory in this exciting one-on-one castle defense game. Players can enjoy a single-player adventure and three campaigns filled with campy storytelling, stunning music scores, and hand-crafted environments. Or they can dive into fast-paced battles with friends and family in competitive 1v1 or 2v2 matches. Players can build their own decks and upgrade cards to create monstrous combinations of troops and spells as they strive to defeat their opponents, destroy the Soul Stone that grants them strength, and rise to the top of the leaderboard.”

07/15/22:A new Subway Surfers tag is now available, exclusive to Apple Arcade. Here's how developer Sybo Games describes the new installment in the popular franchise:

“Challenge security in restricted areas, including the train station, park, docks and subway


Join the team in several closed interactive city locations. Ride disused trains at a train station, play in the park after dark, purchase power-ups at the cargo docks, or explore a mysterious dungeon. But be careful! The guard isn't going to put up with these shenanigans and is hot on your heels – and this time he's brought reinforcements!


Chase your record! Free ride around the arena, grinding rails, landing jumps, marking targets, and blasting cleaning robots to get some sweet combo points. Avoid the Gard and his cleanup crew, they are after you to put an end to this nonsense.”

07/08/22: Sumorost 3+ – an unusual space journey

1/7/22:My Bowling 3D+ – realistic bowling

24/06/22:Air Twister – swipe across the screen Shooting p>

06/17/22: Cooking Mom: Kitchen! – Kitchen Master

06/10/22:Disney Jigsaw Puzzle from MobilityWare+ is the latest addition to Apple's gaming service. It contains over 25,000 puzzles featuring your favorite Disney and Hasbro characters and much more.

Jigsaw Puzzle from MobilityWare+ is the largest and most beautiful collection of jigsaws. puzzles from iconic brands like Disney, Hasbro and many more.

Jigsaw Puzzle features a variety of categories and genres with over 25,000 puzzles to choose from as players sort and move pieces on the board. and fill the edges, as in reality. Only now players will be able to take the puzzle with them wherever they go.

3/6/22:Frogger goes on a new adventure by solving the 3D puzzle “Frogger and the Rumbling of the Ruins” “.

Make your way through puzzle-filled ruins and unravel the world. the secrets of the ancient Salientines.

  • Guide Frogger through the ruins by manipulating the terrain!
  • Simple and intuitive three-dimensional puzzles.
  • More 100 stages with all kinds of traps and enemies!
  • And in the deepest parts of the ruins there will be a brutal boss battle?
  • A fun and friendly story with a group of unique friends.
  • Add all the treasures found in the ruins to your collection!

05.27.22:After the presentation of Pro Snooker & Pool 2022+ for Apple Arcade, iWare Designs today released its popular game Pro Darts 2022+ on the platform.

Meanwhile, Crayola's fun and educational game Create and Play+ for kids has received its biggest update yet (it comes with what will be one of my five year old's favorite games along with Pok Pok).

Pro Darts 2022+

With fully textured 3D game environments, dedicated boards for standard and more obscure game types, and millions of possible dart component combinations, Pro Darts 2022 is the complete package for both regular, for serious gamers alike.

A simple swipe-to-throw interface coupled with an innovative, customizable player assistance system allows everyone, from beginners to professionals, to instantly get started and play at their skill level.

Crayola Create and Play+

It's a brand new day at Crayola Create & Play! Explore a whole new creative world where everything is interactive! Unleash your imagination as you decorate, build, and play in your own unique world.

All your favorite creative activities are here, plus some fun new ones! Stroll down the main street, stroll through the forest, wander through colorful jungles, descend into sparkling caves or soar into the clouds. And just for fun, take your pets aboard the Imagination Express, it will take you anywhere!

For the first time, players will be able to create unique rocket ships and kites in the new Craftables challenge! Looking for even more inspiration? Embark on a special QUEST to find all the spring items available for a limited time!

May 20, 22:Warped Kart Racers is a new Apple Arcade exclusive game in the style of Mario Kart .

Race and battle – alone or online – with the stars of American Dad!, Family Guy, King of the Hill and Solar Opposites !

Immerse yourself in amazing go-kart racing – solo or in multiplayer – featuring the stars of 20th Television's hit animated shows: American Dad!, Family Guy, King of the Hill and Solar Opposites ! Visit iconic locations and even a few unexpected places on your quest for karting glory!

TAKE CONTROL of one of 20 playable characters and defeat your friends in crazy races and brutal battles.

Master RACES AND BATTLES across 16 maps drawn from fan-favorite episodes.

Play expansive SINGLE SINGLE GAME. campaign or compete in 8-player MULTIPLAYER matches.


5/13/22:Whether you've been playing for a while or have never played, the wildly popular, casual, and fun Goat Simulator+ is now available on Apple Arcade.

Goat Simulator is the latest goat simulation technology that brings YOU the next generation of goat simulation. You no longer have to fantasize about being an asshole, your mobile dreams have finally come true!

From a gameplay perspective, Goat Simulator is all about causing as much destruction as possible while being an asshole. It's been compared to an old school skateboarding game, except you're not a skater, you're a goat, and instead of doing tricks, you smash things. more! When it comes to goats, the sky is not the limit, as you could probably just make a mistake and cause the game to crash.

Goat Simulator is a completely stupid game, and honestly, you should probably spend the money on something else, like a hoop, a bunch of bricks, or maybe pool your money with friends and buy a real goat.

* You can be an asshole
* Get points for destroying things – show off to your friends that you're the alpha goat
* MILLIONS OF ERRORS! We're just fixing crash bugs, everything else is fun and we're keeping it
* In-game physics that constantly glitches
* Seriously look at that asshole's neck
* You can be an asshole

05/06/22:Badland Party has launched both single-player and multiplayer on Apple Arcade.

Discover The next game in the award-winning hit series, following Apple's Game of the Year BADLAND and BADLAND 2, enjoyed by over 150 million players worldwide.

Badland Party continues its creators' commitment to creating the perfect atmospheric side-scrolling adventure with stunning graphics and innovative physics-based gameplay. Witness the award-winning series take visual charm one step further, introduce dozens of new characters, and allow friends to play together in both local and online multiplayer modes. Or enjoy a solo adventure with AI.

Survive in numerous new worlds, destroy giant machines in epic boss battles, collaborate to solve multiplayer puzzles, roll, fly, swim and dive. through the beautiful, lush world of the Badlands and help save the clones from disgusting machine-type inventions.

Whether you play alone or with friends & Badland Party's family-friendly, elegant controls and frequent checkpoints make it easy to pick up and enjoy. However, the wealth of missions, achievements and weekly challenges will impress even the most avid players.

04/29/22:Over the years, Prune has been praised for delivering creative and a unique experience that is both addictive and calming. It's now available on Apple Arcade.

Prunes are a love letter to trees. A game about the beauty and joy of growing.

By swiping your finger, grow and shape your tree into the shape of sunlight while avoiding the dangers of a hostile world. Bring a forgotten landscape to life and uncover a story hidden deep beneath the surface.

  • A unique digital plant for your pocket.
  • Beautiful minimalistic graphics and super clean interface – just you and the trees
  • Meditive music and sound design for you to relax
  • No IAP, no monetization strategy, no currencies
  • Share screenshots of yours and create unique trees with your friends
  • Synchronize progress on all your devices

April 22, 2022:Moonshot: A Journey Home is a new physics-based slingshot space adventure for Apple Arcade. It includes 126 different levels across 7 worlds with weekly challenges, as well as over 35 different skins and 50 achievements to unlock.

Moonshot is a physics-based puzzle game where you play as Moon Pi, a young moon separated from Mother Earth. Using slingshot mechanics and navigation puzzles, help Moon Pi travel through a mysterious universe and finally return home.

04/15/22:Two more popular iOS games have been added to Apple Arcade. Professional Snooker & Pool 2022 and Construction Simulator 2 are now available.

Following the worldwide success of its sports games, iWare Designs brings you Pro Snooker & Pool 2022 is probably one of the most realistic and immersive snooker and billiards games available on mobile devices. Featuring a fully textured gaming environment and full 3D rigid body physics, this game is a complete package for both casual and serious gamers.

In Construction Simulator 2, you create your own construction company and get behind the wheel of more than 40 original, licensed construction vehicles from Caterpillar, Liebherr, Palfinger, Bell, STILL, ATLAS, Mack Trucks, Meiller Kipper and Kenworth.

8.04.22:First revealed at Apple's March event, Gear.Club Stradale is now available on Apple Arcade. The new racing game will allow you to experience the world's best supercars, as well as participate in co-op play and competitions around the world. It also offers daily, weekly, and monthly exclusive content.

Meanwhile, with the theatrical launch of Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sonic Dash+, a fun endless runner, has arrived on Apple Arcade.

Welcome to Italy, the birthplace of supercars!

Gear.Club Stradale is a dream come true: spend a long holiday in a magnificent villa and spend everything time in the world to drive the most beautiful supercars.

  • Gather your friends and create your own club in the stunning region of Tuscany, Italy.
  • Collaborate with friends to create daily, weekly and monthly exclusive content to build your dream car collection!
  • Create and upgrade your club's workshops to improve the performance of your car and personalize it.
  • Defend your club in global competitions and achieve the highest rankingsUnlock new content through your progress and achievements.
  • Experience better driving on mobile devices with intelligent, realistic driving assistance systems that guarantee high availability.
  • li>

This is a journey you never want to end…

1/4/22:Pocket Build offers the ability to instantly build with hundreds of items in a massive open world.

Have you ever wanted to create your own little fantasy world? A farm, a castle of some kind, or just an epic fantasy city? Pocket Build is an open world game where you can build without any limits or limitations. Build whatever you want, whenever you want and how you want. The possibilities are endless!

March 25, 22:Alto's Adventure: The Spirit of the Mountain is an exciting Apple Arcade exclusive game from an award-winning developer Snowman .

Read more in our full launch review here.

03.11.22:From the award-winning developer of two games, Monument Valley 2 is now available on Apple Arcade.

Guide a mother and her child on a journey through magical architecture, discovering illusory trails and delightful puzzles while learning the secrets of sacred geometry.

Monuments Valley 2, the sequel to Apple's best game of 2014, presents an all-new adventure in a beautiful and impossible world.

Help Ro as she narrates to your child about the mysteries of the valley, exploring stunning landscapes and manipulating architecture to guide them on their way.

4/4/22:Veteran of the iOS platformer Shadow Blade appeared in Apple Arcade.

Kuro is a young man who aspires to become a Shadow Blade. He must receive the teachings of the last remaining ninja master.

You will guide him through challenging levels, avoiding countless traps, sneaking past enemies or right over their corpses.

You have to be fast, to be secretive, aware of your surroundings. You must be a ninja.

The game has intuitive touch controls, many types of weapons and challenging levels. Becoming a ninja is at your fingertips!

02.25.22:Developed by two-time Apple Design Award winner Broken Rules, the free-to-play game Current Gibbon: Beyond the Trees has landed in Apple Arcade.

  • Experience free, dynamic movements based on brachiation, as real gibbons swing through the trees.
  • Master acrobatic movements, including launching from the hands of another gibbon in the air.
  • A heartwarming adventure as a family of gibbons try to survive among looming human threat.
  • Embark on an hour-long adventure in Story Mode or race to freedom through a procedurally generated jungle in Liberation Mode.
  • Stunning 2D. hand-drawn visuals that breathe life into a rapidly disappearing world.
  • Explore a variety of environments, from the wild jungles of Southeast Asia to the restless human world beyond.
  • Gibbon: Offers ” Beyond the Trees” with complex but pressing environmental themes including deforestation, poaching and climate change.

02/18/22:The long-running magical iOS simulator Wylde Flowers debuted in Apple Arcade.

Wylde Flowers is a cozy life and farming simulator with a witchy touch ! Escape into a sweet world of diverse people and magical spells as you and the clan unravel the mystery!

Play as Tara, who arrives on a cozy, rural island to help her grandmother and the family farm. .

Explore a magical world of magical worlds, beautiful beaches, tranquil forests and the friendly town of Fairhaven.

February 11, 22:Veterans' Favorite Tower Game Defense Bloons TD 6 is now available on Apple Arcade and offers a fun four-player co-op experience.

Create your perfect defense using a combination of awesome Monkey Towers, upgrades, heroes and activated abilities, then destroy all the invading balls!

Start enjoying the huge and ever-expanding features that provide endless hours of the best strategy games available.

4/4/22:The best bridge building game on the App Store, Bridge Constructor, is now available on Apple Arcade.


In Bridge Constructor+ you have to prove yourself as an experienced master bridge builder. Complete 40 different levels and build bridges across deep valleys, canals and rivers. Stress tests show whether the bridge you build can withstand the daily load of constant use of cars, trucks, and, more recently, heavy-duty tank trucks.

01/28/22:The popular game “Where's Waldo-style Hidden Folks” appeared in Apple Arcade (game of the year in the App Store 2017). Hidden People is hand-drawn and features over 300 objects to be found in interactive landscapes.

Look for hidden people in hand-drawn interactive miniature landscapes. Unfold the tent flaps, make your way through the bushes, slam doors and poke crocodiles! Rooooooooooo!!!!!

The objectives bar shows you what to look for. Tap the target to get a hint and find enough to unlock the next area.

01/21/22:An extraordinary take on tennis is now on Apple Arcade with Nickelodeon Extreme Tennis.

Join your favorite iconic characters from Nickelodeon series past and present as they compete in the most extreme tennis matches in history! All your favorite retro cult characters will come together for the ultimate tennis showdown: SpongeBob, Angelica, Rocko, Garfield and more!

01/14/22:Described as A “story-driven ARPG,” Crashlands has become an iOS favorite over the past decade and even won TouchArcade's Game of the Year award in 2016.

Create, Fight and complete quests in Crashlands, an outlandish, story-driven RPG filled with sass!

Become Flux Dabes, a galactic trucker whose final cargo is derailed by an alien threat called Hugoduduko, leaving you stranded on an alien planet. As you rush to pick up your packages, you become embroiled in a nefarious plot for world domination that will require all your wits and both glutes to overcome. Learn the recipes of the local intelligent life, make new friends, uncover ancient secrets and deadly bosses, tame everyone and build yourself a home away from home, learning to thrive on the planet Woanop.

01/07/22 : Popular card game developer MobilityWare has brought classic games Hearts and Spades to Apple Arcade.

Picks: The Card Game+

Spades has a new take on Apple Arcade, offering entirely new goals for you to achieve! We've also included easy-to-follow tutorials to help you learn how to play spades at your own pace! Relax and train your brain while competing in the Spades game!

Spades adds a new element of strategy and play. puzzles in a classic card game space. Plan and strategize every move, competing with your partner to try to outbid and outmaneuver your opponents. Win the most books and be the first to score 250 points! However, be careful: you can't play spades until they break! Mastering the game requires precision, strategy and quick thinking!

Hearts: Card Game+

Hearts for Apple Arcade is a classic competitive card game, MobilityWare AI gives YOUR game a competitive edge, Hearts Card Master!

This free Hearts game teaches you how to play using our intuitive AI. Our artificial intelligence adapts to your playing style in the Hearts card game. The game seems fair, although your opponents are smart bots. But while playing them may seem like a daunting task, MobilityWare's Hearts hints that the AI ​​feature at your disposal is the smartest one yet! AI bot opponents offer another major benefit: they can be played offline, so no Wi-Fi is required to play Hearts!

12/17/21:Get ready to play in 5-minute 3v3 matches as your favorite characters in Disney Melee Mania:

Lights Up! Hear the fans roar! Disney Melee Mania calls on all worthy contenders to take center stage! In this stunning arcade battle arena, your holo-team of battle-ready Disney and Pixar champions compete in fast-paced 3v3 multiplayer battles. From Ralph, Elsa and Mickey to Frozone, Moana, Buzz Lightyear (and more!), choose from a variety of Disney and Pixar holographic champions and earn points using their unique skills. Experience chaos as you dodge obstacles and engage in fun and furious melee combat.

– 5-minute melee combat – quick games for on-the-fly battles. Fight smart so that every moment counts!
– 12 champions. Select and develop your party of 3 from the holographic roster of Disney & Pixar Champions!
– Multiple game modes – New challenges to test your skills and upgrades!
– Customize your battles – Dress up as characters and create exciting tracks!
– Regular events – Daily top matches for one-time prizes!

Be victorious, but don't get carried away: there will always be a new contender who will knock you out of the spotlight. Play to unlock new champions and improve their abilities to achieve victory that is not virtual!

12/10/21:In 2017, Splitter Critters won both the iPhone Game of the Year and the Apple Design Award. The hit puzzle adventure is now available on Apple Arcade.

Divide the world with one swipe of your finger, then rearrange it to guide the critters back to your spaceship. . Explore colorful planets full of dangers, challenging puzzles, and innovative mechanics that will challenge you to think in new ways. The immersive soundscapes of each world, best experienced with headphones, will set the tone for your journey.

3/3/21:Apple Award-winning action game Oddmar 2018 Design Award winner and Metroidvania side-scrolling adventure Dandara: Trials of Fear is now available on Apple Arcade.

Oddmar struggles with life in his village and does not deserve a place in Valhalla. Shunned by his fellow Vikings, he must atone for his lost potential. One day he's given the opportunity to prove himself, but at a price…

IMMERSE yourself into an epic Viking story, animated in comic book form.

TRAVEL through 24 beautifully handcrafted worlds. levels of physics puzzles and platforming challenges.

DISCOVER your true power with magical weapons and shields.

MEET new friends and enemies on your journey through magical forests, snow-capped mountains, and treacherous mines .

11.19.21:The exciting game LEGO Star Wars: Castaways for Apple Arcade is officially released.

Explore a mysterious new planet and meet new friends along the way in LEGO® Star Wars™: Les Miserables. By customizing their character, fans can live out their Star Wars fantasies in the first LEGO Star Wars social adventure game, available only on Apple Arcade.

Create your own LEGO minifigure from hundreds of LEGO pieces in the new Star Wars game for Apple Arcade. Discover the secret world where your fellow Castaways now live and build a life in this new home! Explore a new island, meet new characters, race microfighters, and even have a dance party on the island! Team up as a team or play alone and immerse yourself in simulations recorded using the technology of an ancient civilization and covering moments in the Star Wars universe. Fight enemies, solve puzzles, develop your skills in battle arenas and learn to fly with flight simulators! Uncover mysteries and discover a growing threat to life on the planet.

Join the ranks of the Outcasts and write your Star Wars destiny in a never-before-seen LEGO Star Wars adventure!

11/12/21: One of the most popular shooters of all time, Galaga Wars, is available on Apple Arcade.

Your favorite arcade shooter game is now available on iPhone and iPad. Take control of the most iconic spaceships and free the galaxy from invaders!

The galaxy is at stake. Fire up your engines and destroy endless waves of aliens in a shower of laser fire and smoking rockets!

Galaga Wars+ is a classic arcade shooter from Bandai Namco, brought to Apple Arcade. With stunning graphics and simple touchscreen controls, Galaga Wars+ is an exhilarating trip down memory lane for all nostalgic gamers and instant entertainment for everyone.

05.11. 21:Apple Arcade has a new PvP game with Transformers Tactical Arena.

Gather a team of everyone's favorite Transformers! Fight your way through competitive arenas in this real-time PvP strategy game! Unlock new cards, master their unique abilities, and evolve your strategy to gain a competitive advantage. Dozens of familiar characters, powerful buildings, and an arsenal of tactical support units are at your disposal.

10/29/21: Crayola Create and Play, designed for kids ages 4 and up, is now available available on Apple Arcade.

Ignite your creativity with Crayola Create and Play+!

Crayola Create and Play+ is the official creative app of Crayola, with new activities coming frequently to help you innovate, experiment, and grow every month! Explore dozens of creative, confidence-boosting games and enjoy endless hours of productive gaming. Crayola Create & Play+ encourages curiosity, creative independence and is a safe place to develop self-expression. There's so much more to it than just drawing and coloring! Each activity helps develop imagination and creativity… we are all children at heart and everyone can be creative! Our regular content updates add new features, activities and educational games. There's always something new to explore and master!

10/19/21:NBA 2K22 Arcade Edition has been released for Apple Arcade and includes MyCAREER features, MyCOURT and Quick Match. Modes, association mode, online multiplayer mode and much more.

NBA 2K22 Arcade Edition is the latest entry in the world-famous and best-selling NBA franchise. The 2K series is exclusive to Apple Arcade. Live out your NBA dreams on the hard court and run alongside today's top stars like Luka Doncic, Damian Lillard, Kevin Durant, Jayson Tatum, Zion Williamson, Anthony Davis, Rui Hachimura, Karl-Anthony Towns and more in an authentic NBA experience 2K.

10/15/21:Apple Arcade subscribers will be pleased to hear that the iPhone Game of the Year winner is Tiny Wings – last click to go to the game service.

You've always dreamed of flying, but your wings are tiny. Luckily, the world is full of beautiful hills. Use hills as jumps – slide down, flap your wings and fly! At least for a moment – until that annoying gravity brings you back to earth. But the next hill is already waiting for you. Keep an eye on the night and fly as fast as you can. Otherwise, flying will again remain just a dream.

Tiny Wings was chosen as the iPhone Game of the Year by App Store Rewind 2011 in Europe and many other countries. Thank you Apple and a big thank you to all Tiny Wings fans!

8/8/21:The Frogger-style hit reimagined for the iOS era, Crossy Road is now available on Apple Arcade.

Return to the adventure with Crossy Road®, reimagined for Apple Arcade.

Join Crossy Chicken to collect all the characters and power-ups; discover CROSSY ROAD Park.

10/1/21:The intense, award-winning rhythm game Thumper: Pocket Edition has arrived on Apple Arcade.

Thumper is violence with rhythm: classic action, incredible speed, and brutal physicality. You're a space bug. Challenge the void and take on the maniacal giant head.

With this special pocket edition, you can complete all nine epic levels with one hand.

Hurry forward, learn new techniques and survive. terrifying boss battles. With a powerful original soundtrack, you'll feel every crushing impact. To achieve synesthetic bliss, you must conquer the hell of rhythm.

09/24/21:LEGO Star Wars Battles arrived on Apple Arcade this week.

Lead your favorite LEGO® Star Wars™ characters into real-time multiplayer PvP battles in arenas inspired by famous locations from across the galaxy!

What's Happening , when the Ewok fights the Tusken Raider? Can a pack of porgs take on a stormtrooper in a standoff? Can Chewbacca fight Boba Fett? Who will win in a fight between Yoda and Darth Vader?

Collect and upgrade LEGO Star Wars characters, troops and vehicles to create formidable armies of the light and dark sides. Build LEGO towers on the battlefield and strategize to attack, defend and conquer territory as you advance towards the enemy base to win! Download this exciting LEGO game that brings together all eras of Star Wars™ in tower defense style.

09/17/21:New this week is the Castlevania action games : Grimoire of Souls and Temple Run: Puzzle Adventure.

A brand new Castlevania game!

All-new Castlevania!


The beloved gothic fantasy series returns with the original Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls, exclusive to Apple Arcade!

Play TEMPLE RUN like never before! Solve match-3 puzzles to uncover the secrets of the ancient temple kingdom. Create powerful combos and use special parts to become the Defender of the Temple!

Help the great adventurer, archaeologist and temple runner Scarlett Fox by solving puzzles and overcoming mysterious obstacles along the way.

09.10.21:The latest move from iOS to Apple Arcade is the puzzle-simulator mix Zookeeper World.

Zookeeper, the ultimate puzzle game played by over 30 million people, is now available exclusively on Apple Arcade!

Solve simple match 3 puzzles to create your own zoo. Make it the only one of its kind in the world!

Solve tons of puzzles and collect coins to fill your zoo with cute animals, plants, and more! They'll enhance the charm of your zoo and attract a variety of visitors!

9/3/21:Three new games from the popular iOS Classic version hit Apple Arcade today: ” Layton's Mysterious Journey”, MasterChef: Let's Cook! and Zen Pinball Party.

08/27/21:Two more classic iOS games have arrived on Apple Arcade. The popular Zelda-themed game Asphalt 8: Airborne and Baldo is now available.

08.20.21:Tetris Beat has arrived on Apple Arcade.

Tetris® Beat – The world-famous Tetris® puzzle game locks down a new beat by combining popular gameplay with exclusive music and innovative rhythm mechanics. The game features a diverse and eclectic lineup of incredible musicians, including Alison Wonderland, GARZA, Hannah Diamond, Octo Octa, Dowd, CYNTHY and many more, with new exclusive songs added every month from some of today's brightest and most up-and-coming talents.

08/13/21:Capcom's Pokémon-themed RPG Monster Hunter Stories has been released on Apple Arcade.

The Apple Arcade version of this game contains the same content as the Monster Hunter Stories app available elsewhere, please read the Important Notes section before playing.

• Game Features

– Recruit countless monsters!

Monsters and the bonds you form with them are the foundation of your adventure. Explore vast areas and dungeons to find monster lairs, and bring back the eggs you find to hatch new monsters!

– Fight your monsters in online battles!

Take your hero and Monstia, which you have raised to fight other Riders! Create a team of your favorites to challenge other players.

– New features for the smartphone version!

New improvements include beautiful high-definition graphics, an improved user interface and a new car. -save function!

• History

The story begins in the forest near the Horsemen's village. Three young friends – the hero, Liliya and Cheval – stumble upon a shiny egg.

06.08.21:More A very popular game for iOS has arrived on Apple Arcade – Super Stickman Golf 3. This version comes with all premium content unlocked and of course no ads or in-app purchases.

Super Stickman Golf 3 is a 2D golf game full of amazing courses, crazy power-ups, fun trading cards, wild game modes and of course, lots of crazy multiplayer games. Master dozens of courses and take on friends in turn-based matches or up to 8 players in real-time cup races!

07/23/21 :Jetpack Joyride is the latest iOS game to hit Apple Arcade. Whether you're picking it up for the first time or can't wait to rediscover it, the classic endless runner flyer is available now.

Skate City has also launched a major expansion in Tokyo to celebrate the inclusion of skateboarding in Olympic Games. for the first time.

07.16.21:After Apple announced the releases last month, the new Alto's Odyssey: The Lost City, as well as the updated Angry Birds Reloaded, appeared and Doodle. The God Universe is available on Apple Arcade.

Alto's Odyssey: The Lost City comes with a completely new biome, as well as new challenges and content. New characters appeared in Angry Birds Reloaded, and the Doodle God universe was completely redrawn.

07/21/21:Solitaire Stories is the latest popular iOS game to hit Apple Arcade.

Here you go! The world's greatest card game, Solitaire… now with progressive difficulty storylines, stunning deck designs, daily challenges, global leaderboards and a quirky sense of humor. If you like the classic Solitaire and have a big imagination, you'll love Solitaire Stories.

06/25/21:New Apple Arcade Games Both are classics today iOS and both became Apple Design Award winners. Leo's Fortune and INKS are already available on the platform.

Leo's Fortune is an action-adventure platformer where you hunt down the cunning and mysterious thief who has stolen your gold. Beautifully hand-crafted levels bring Leo's story to life in this epic adventure.

Here's a description of INKS, which takes a different approach to pinball:

INKS updates the next generation of pinball. It combines the joy of pinball with skillful tactical challenges and allows you to create wonderful works of art when the ball hits the canvas.

Color blocks burst across the surface like beautiful fireworks, creating vibrant colors. layers and record the visual history of your game as you improve your score.

06/17/21:Two new games have arrived on Apple Arcade. Frenzic: Overtime is a remake of the original popular puzzle game from Iconfactory, which first came out on Mac OS X in 2007. Meanwhile, the simulation game Game Dev Story has arrived on Apple Arcade.

Frenzic: Overtime combines fast-paced, addictive gameplay, stunning graphics and sound in arcade puzzle game that players can easily pick up and play. Life at the Frenzic Industries factory can be a little chaotic as players collect power cores for new ZAPBOTs. As players complete their tasks in a timely manner, they will be promoted to better positions on the assembly line. Players will navigate over 45 levels, multiple game modes, and hundreds of mini-objectives as they uncover the secrets of Frenzic Industries and ultimately save the world.

Easy to learn, difficult to master – fun for the whole family! This explosion of the past steps into the future!

And here is the description of Game Dev Story:

Manage your own gaming company and try create a million-selling game in this unique simulator.

Includes the ability to develop your own gaming console for your company, as well as a system for changing the professions of your employees.

Hire talented people and Train them to develop their skills.

As your employees gain more experience, you open up a wider range of game genres and content to develop. Try to find the most popular combinations and develop for the newest platform!
Your employees may come from a variety of gaming-related backgrounds, from programmer to sound engineer.

Work hard and you can reach the top of the video game industry!

11.06 .21:A new medieval fantasy RPG is coming to Apple Arcade with Legends of Kingdom Rush:

Embark on an epic journey through a medieval fantasy world Kingdom Rush in this amazing role-playing game with roguelike elements!

An extraplanar threat of unprecedented proportions attacks the kingdom!
Lead a group of heroes to stop this enemy in an extremely addictive combat system , which is easy to learn but difficult to master.
5 legendary heroes, such as the mighty paladin Gerald Lightseeker or the cunning shadow assassin Asra Daggerfall, will await your command.
11 companion heroes with different skills and abilities, such as the resourceful forest ranger, the mercurial dwarven bombardier, or the fearsome dark knight, will Follow your legends to victory!
Unlock all these fantastic heroes while overcoming increasingly dangerous obstacles. land.

Strategically move your heroes across the hex grid to best match their skills to your combat tactics. Swap and customize your heroes and companions until you find your perfect team for every battle!

Learn more about the Kingdom Rush universe with more than 100 story events as you fight your way through dense forests, rocky mountains and devastated wastelands.

05.27.21:After almost two months since we saw new Apple Arcade games, a new “crazy puzzle adventure” – All of You has launched.

Alike Studio from the creators Love You to Bits and Bring You Home introduces All of You.

All of You is a cute, purely visual, accessible puzzle adventure game for the whole family with unique gameplay. Play and pause time on each part of the level to discover the correct path for the main character.

You will follow the journey of a clumsy hen as she crosses various places in search of her lost chicks.

You will follow the journey of a clumsy hen as she crosses various places in search of her lost chicks.

You will follow the journey of a clumsy hen as she crosses various places in search of her lost chicks.


Explore strange places filled with funny characters, exciting surprises and plenty of treacherous dangers – all in order to find each of your chicks.

April 23, 21: Today Snowman's Skate City received a nice update for Apple Arcade with a new endless mode:

Get ready to make your mark on Pro Skating.

Set your highest score in the endless race around Los Angeles with all new generated skateboarding features that ensure no two runs are the same!

Find out how far you can travel around the city by stringing together combos and perfect tricks to complete the task. new records. Watch out for guards and new obstacles, because once you crash, your run is over!

Compete for first place on our leaderboards and complete all 60 new challenges included in this mode. Only available in Los Angeles for now.

April 21:Apple Arcade received a huge update today with over 30 new games, from big titles to iOS. and traditional hits.

  • Apple Arcade will be significantly expanded with 30 new games, including popular iOS classics and many more.

To check out all the new games, you can head to the App Store > Arcade tab > swipe down > click “View All Games.”

03/26/21:Two new games launched today on Apple Arcade: Farm It! and the hitchhiker.

Welcome to Farm It!
Take your time playing awesome mini-games and gaining resources to create your farming world.

Go on an adventure journey: play fun mini-games, collect resources and decorate various areas of your farm, enjoying the company of fun and amazing game characters and cute animals. So what are you waiting for? Take up farming and build the most amazing farming world.
Build the farm of your dreams!

And The Hitchhiker is a travel mystery:

Hitchhiker is a mystery game set in lost roads where your goal is to unravel the mystery of your own backstory. As a hitchhiker with no memory or destination, you take a series of trips through strange and beautiful landscapes while tracking the mysterious disappearance of someone close to you. Your drivers range from stalwart farmers to on-duty waitresses, and everyone has a story to tell. Clues emerge, alliances are formed, and nothing is as it seems.

As your journey continues, you must decipher the events of your past while facing the dangers that lie ahead. The Hitchhiker's Guide is a driving odyssey about exploring the unknown to find yourself.

March 19, 21:Apple Arcade has received a new simulator, Cozy Grove. It's a chilling take on the genre, set on a “ghostly, ever-changing island.”

Welcome to Cozy Grove, a life simulation game. about camping on an ever-changing haunted island. As a spiritual scout, you will wander the island's forest every day, finding new hidden secrets and helping to calm the local ghosts. With a little time and a lot of effort, you can bring color and joy back to Cozy Grove!

5/3/21: SP! NG is the latest Apple Arcade game. It's a physics puzzle game that feels like a cross between Cut the Rope and Sonic the Hedgehog.

SP!NG is a stress ball for your brain.

Dive into the world of zen and mastery of SP!NG.
Travel through hundreds of hand-crafted levels with just one tap.
Unlock new themes that will change the look of your gameplay.
Earn new characters and upgrade levels to unlock new challenging modes.

02.19.21: The latest news to hit Apple Arcade is the zombie action thriller Survival Z.

After the event, humanity finds itself on the brink of extinction and zombies dominate the landscape! You are a survivor. Armed with your wits and bravado, you are determined to save everyone who remains.

Your goal is clear: find survivors and find a way to exterminate the undead threat. Choose your path along randomly generated routes, make your way and fight your way through zombie-infested environments.


  • Mass your way through many types of zombies.
  • Place traps and obstacles to increase your chances of survival.
  • Collect and upgrade equipment to strengthen your character.
  • Constantly changing routes create endless replayability. No two races are the same!
  • Recruit other survivors into your ranks and fight side by side with them.
  • Unique story events with additional rewards… for those who can survive them.
  • Over 15 playable characters, 50 unique levels and endless possibilities for entertainment!

02/05/21:A new sneak for Apple Arcade – Lumen – a puzzle with light, mirrors and lenses.

Lumen is a puzzle game with unique mechanics in which you solve levels using light, lenses and mirrors.

You will find yourself in an old attic and discover the mysterious antique box of Mrs. Olivia McLumen, who lived in Scotland over a hundred years ago and, as a great inventor of her time, she preserved her inventions in cinematic footage so that you can restore them.

01/29/21: Popular Run for Apple Arcade is a fun and quirky “unconventional running game where you control a crowd of people.”

  • Dodge the giant fast food.
  • Slide down the pipes like in a water park
  • Fight rapper bosses including Macaron, Donut and Burger
  • Challenge yourself in hardcore mode
  • Collect all the secret characters hidden in the levels
  • Show your respect for the upbeat original soundtrack with its choral singing

01/22/21:Apple Arcade has two new games today: Spire Blast , a physics-based puzzle game, and NUTS, an observation mystery involving squirrels.

Spire Blast

Take a step into the colorful world of Spire Blast. Together with your ever-hungry dragon companion, destroy the numerous mysterious towers of all shapes and sizes that rise throughout the kingdom. Test your wits and skills, use all the tools at your disposal and you will emerge victorious!


Prepare your caravan, download your GPS, lay out your map and head into the depths of Melmoth Forest. As a novice field researcher, you'll set up cameras during the day and watch footage at night, tracking the movements of squirrels scurrying about.

Where do they hide their nuts? What mysterious routes do they take? And why are they acting so strange?

01/08/21:Apple Arcade's first launch of 2021 is Oceanhorn: Chronos Dungeon. Watch the launch trailer here and read more information below:

It's been a long time since the White City was washed away from the face of Gaia – and the once magnificent Kingdom of Arcadia broke up into hundreds of islands in the Unknown Sea.

Four adventurers set out on a journey to restore the world to its former glory. Following rumors and prophecies, they found their way into a mythical underground complex, the Dungeon of Chronos.

Somewhere deep within, hidden, lies the Paradigm Hourglass, an object powerful enough to change history. Can you find the way to the bottom floor and what challenges await you in the Chronos Dungeon?


Oceanhorn: Chronos Dungeon is a dungeon crawler game with A four-player couch co-op game inspired by classic 16-bit arcade games. Fight alongside your friends or control all four heroes alone – will you reach the bottom of Chronos Dungeon?

If this is your first game in this genre, don't worry – Oceanhorn: Chronos Dungeon is easy to master even for beginners, and it will keep you and your comrades entertained for hours!


Random modifiers make each level unique, and each one starts unexpectedly. Heroes start each game with different stats depending on the zodiac sign they're aligned with, and each of the four adventurers—Knight, Huntress, Grandmaster, and Mage—feels and plays differently. If there are fewer than four local players available, idle adventurers can be selected on the fly by any player.


Oceanhorn: Chronos Dungeon is a new chapter in the Oceanhorn universe, action which takes place 200 years after Oceanhorn 2. Find out if our heroes can defeat Chronos and change the course of history!

12/11/20:Apple Arcade today features an exciting release from ustwo games, the award-winning developer of the popular Monument Valley. New release – Alba: Adventure in the Wild

Join Alba as she visits her grandparents on a Mediterranean island. She's ready to spend a peaceful summer searching for wildlife with her friend Ines, but when she sees an animal in danger, she knows she needs to do something about it!

It really is a Mediterranean paradise, if you don't pay attention. for all the trash! From idyllic beaches to an ancient castle overlooking the city, the entire island is ready to be explored. Together with Ines and your grandfather, who is a true bird fan, you can start a movement to save the island. Perhaps even the world after this.

  • Hand-crafted visuals. Every corner of the island is thought out to the smallest detail. Trust us, it took us a while to get this done.
  • Join Alba and Ines to found AIWRL (really rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?), an organization that can save the island.
  • You will need to gather a bunch of volunteers, and the city is full of good people. Help them and convince them to join you.
  • Animals are everywhere, can you find all the species?

4/12/20: Zombie Rollerz: Pinball Heroes is now on Apple Arcade, offering an interesting combination of pinball and tower defense.

Zombie Rollerz: Pinball Heroes combines classic pinball and tower defense in an exciting sequel to the award-winning Zombie Rollerz franchise, made exclusively for Apple Arcade!

-Roguelike gameplay guarantees hours of immersive, replayable content
-Fight adorable zombies in a cartoon world
-Next-gen pinball combined with tower defense
-Discover and unlock hundreds of combinations of heroes and abilities
-Unique zombie bosses change the challenge

11/27/20: new Apple Arcade game for Black Friday – Warp Drive – teleport racing! and as the name suggests, it has a fun feature.

WARP DRIVE is a fast-paced, arcade-style racing game with a whole new way of driving: instantly TELEPORT around the track to find shortcuts and hidden routes! Take control of the QUAD ROTOR RACER, equip a warp module, and compete in a series of high-speed tournaments to test your driving skills and creativity. Race across ceilings, jump through massive canyons, and race over waterfalls in an epic upside-down racing battle!

Compete in a series of dynamically generated, randomized tournaments that bring a new experience every time! UPGRADE your car between races, gradually adding more options to drift, accelerate or warp on your way to victory. Follow your outspoken manager Lenny's advice or just ignore everything he says…what do aliens even know about racing?!

11/12/20: The Pathless appears in Apple Arcade as the latest adventure game:

The Pathless is a mythical adventure between an archer and an eagle from the creators of ABZÛ. in a huge forest.

11/6/20:Apple Arcade received both the new “crazy adventure puzzle game” All of You and the group intergalactic rock Reigns: Beyond .

10.30.20:The latest title to hit Apple Arcade is South of the Circle, a narrative adventure game about love, memory, and survival. .

Antarctica, 1964.
Crashed plane, tail into the sky.

Cambridge academic Peter stumbles out of the rubble, seeking help while battling the cold. As his attempts to escape the ice become increasingly desperate, the lines between his past and present begin to blur.

A love story between colleagues Peter and Clara, set against the backdrop of the Cold War in the south, Circle is a narrative adventure a game about memory, survival and the consequences of abandoning the past.


10.20.20:New to Apple Arcade today is The Survivalists, a multiplayer island adventure from the developers of Worms and The Escapists.

A world of adventure and opportunity awaits! The island is alive! Your new home will change with the cycle of day and night as you explore and discover its secrets.

Hunt (or be hunted!) on animals for food and many mythical enemies who are not necessarily happy to see you. Receive quests from the Mysterious Stranger or find him washed up on the shore. Prepare to venture into a procedurally generated wilderness with varied biomes and embark on an adventure unique to each player.

10/20/20:Slash Quest! has arrived on Apple Arcade. This is a unique adventure game where you have to wield a growing sword.

The Queen's ever-growing talking sword is lost in a faraway land. Luckily, you showed up and brought him back to the castle. You can swing a sword, right? Right?!

Forget about your power fantasy. Slash Quest's simple but unfamiliar controls put you in the shoes of an unusual knight with a big heart, an even bigger weapon and absolutely zero skills. But don't worry! Just like Shep and Swordy's friendship, before you know it, everything will be fine and everyone will be counting on you to save the Kingdom.

9/18/20:Today's new addition to Apple Arcade includes: Samurai Jack and the Marble Knights. The former is an action RPG while the latter takes you into battle with a marble adventure. It looks like both were released previously and these are the latest updates.

  • Samurai Jack
  • Marble Knights

9/10/20:The latest game added to Apple Arcade is a puzzle game called A Monster's Expedition.

Some of the best puzzle designers in the world have created A Monster's Expedition, a charming and relaxing open-world puzzle adventure for monsters who love learning about humans.

Moving trees to create paths lets you explore Hundreds of islands, near and far, to learn about the history of 'Humanity'.

Immerse yourself in human culture with all-new exhibits from the Human England dig site, each accompanied by expert knowledge*!
*Insights is not a legally binding term and may or may not include speculation, speculation, and hearsay.

is a charming open-world puzzle game from the creators of A Good Snowman is Hard to Build and Cosmic. Express
– Simple yet deep mechanics, full of possibilities for discovery
– Hundreds of islands to visit – some right in front of you, others off the beaten path for true puzzle lovers
– Learn about mythical people from the perspective of curious monsters

4 September 2020:World's End Club is available on Apple Arcade. Here's what to expect from the new adventure game:

Twelve 12-year-olds embark on a 700-mile journey.

A new type of adventure game , which combines an immersive story with 2D side-scrolling combat.

A dream team adventure game with a script written by Zero Escape series creator Kotaro Uchikoshi and Danganronpa's Kazutaka. Kodaka as creative director.

・Game Features
– Simple controls
– A combination of a 2D side-scrolling puzzle game and a story-driven adventure game
– Selecting key players changes the course of the game. adventures throughout a branching story
– 12 unique and interesting characters!
– Famous locations throughout Japan
– The story unfolds… in unexpected ways

08/27. 20:The Last Campfire joins Apple Arcade as the newest adventure game on the service.

The Last Campfire is an adventure that the story of a lost coal, stranded in a mysterious place, searching for meaning and a way home.
Journey deeper into the lands beyond the dark forest and overcome the obstacles that stand before you.
Discover a beautiful wilderness full of lost people, strange creatures and mysterious ruins.
Find hope and take it with you on a journey to light the Last Bonfire.
A unique story from Hello Games and the creative minds behind LostWinds.

August 21, 2020: Adult Swim's Samurai Jack is the newest game to hit Apple Arcade:

He's back! Become Samurai Jack, the greatest warrior to ever swing a katana!

Travel through time and finally stop Aku's evil reign in this new adventure from the creators of Samurai Jack.

Voiced by Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time is an RPG set in time and space where your actions will define a new legend!

Meet your favorite characters from the series, including the Scotsman, Scaramouche, Sir Rothschild and many more!

Dive into the untold adventure of the epic series finale. Team up with trusted allies from the series to take on familiar enemies. Defeat your ninja enemies!

Visit classic worlds and relive your favorite episodes. Travel into the dark future to free humanity. Delve into the past to fight diabolical monsters. Seek your destiny as you travel through space and time.

Equip and master over a dozen different weapons in battle. Increase your power even further by training and unlocking new skills suited to your playstyle.

Your time has come. Become Samurai Jack, the greatest warrior of the past, present and future. Enjoy one of the most unique and iconic games available on Apple Arcade today!

08/14/20:Next Stop Nowhere allows players to go on a space journey with some interesting gaming elements.

  • Intelligent conversation system with branching dialogues that changes your relationships and history depending on every decision.
  • A spaceship fully equipped with its own personality.
  • A completely unique version of space (the outer reaches of a dilapidated galaxy), filled with colorful skies, treacherous asteroids, and multiple orbits to explore.
  • >

  • A gripping and thoughtful narrative brought to life by a vibrant voice cast.
  • Play across devices via Apple Arcade.

7/8/20: Apple Arcade Receives Game of Thrones: A Tale of Ravens as the Newest Game to Return 8,000 Players before Jon Snow.

Your watch begins in the shadow of the Wall. Eight thousand years before Jon Snow took the Black, the Night's Watch was formed to guard the Wall and protect the borders of Westeros from the dangers of the North and all that lies beyond. Into these wild wildernesses the sworn brothers and their allies set out to confront the dangers that could threaten this kingdom. But the Wall is a blade that cuts both ways.

Manage the decisions of the Lord Commanders based on the seasons and organize expeditions beyond the Wall. As ravens travel to and from your expeditions in real time, their messages are delivered to you throughout the day. Respond on command immediately or at any time you see fit.

The history of the Night's Watch is long, and many of its stories are forgotten. It's time for the kingdom to remember them.

07/24/20:The Lullaby of Life, an adventure game with a focus on music, relaxation, is released today on Apple Arcade and dexterity.

In Lullaby of Life, you are the catalyst for change in a universe that is currently inert but brimming with potential.

Explore this amazing world that combines relaxation, agility and dexterity, and help it achieve maximum splendor, harnessing power music for the flourishing of life.

There are no text elements in this adventure, so headphones are strongly recommended. Let's write a new story about the origin of life together!

07/17/20: Necrobarista is the newest addition to Apple Arcade. Here's a description of the new dark adventure:

In a Melbourne backstreet cafe, the dead are given one last night to mingle with the living.
For Maddie, Xiao is a barista, an amateur necromancer, and a novice. owner of the Terminal – it can’t be better until you remind her that an enforcer from the notoriously uncompromising Council of Death is breathing down her neck.

07.10.20:Dark and creepy puzzle adventure Creaks is available today on Apple Arcade.

The ground begins to shake, light bulbs break – and something very unusual happens right outside the walls of your room. With only your wits and courage, you are slowly immersed in a world inhabited by bird folk and seemingly deadly furniture monsters.

From the creators of indie classics Machinarium and Samorost comes Creaks, a new puzzle adventure game that will delight. feeling with hand-drawn visuals, precise animation, eerie sounds and an eclectic original Hidden Orchestra score. Continue at your own pace to solve dozens of carefully crafted puzzles, explore the mansion for hidden paintings, and uncover a great mystery.

06/25/20: Big release today on Apple Arcade – futuristic adventure thriller, sequel to the popular film Under the Steel Sky, Beyond the Steel Sky.

Charles Cecil, creator of the “Broken Sword” series, under the artistic direction of Dave Gibbons , the legendary comic book artist behind Watchmen, presents Beyond the Steel Sky, the highly anticipated sequel to the cult classic Beneath the Steel Sky.

You are Robert Foster. A child was kidnapped in a brutal attack. You vowed to bring him home. But the trail has led you from a desert wasteland community to Union City, one of the last remaining metropolises in a world devastated by devastating wars and political crisis.

Fortified and impregnable, it is a utopia where people live happily under the supervision and control of a good-natured AI. But everything is far from what it seems…

'Beyond a Steel Sky' is a dramatic, humorous cyberpunk thriller that uses challenging puzzles to create a fast-paced narrative in a dynamic game world that reacts to—and is undermined by—the player's actions.

• Adventure through a dynamic world populated by wayward characters driven by motives that the player can subvert. Combined with a unique hacking tool, players can choose from a variety of puzzle solutions.
• Unravel dark conspiracies and defeat a terrifying antagonist in this dramatic, humorous cyberpunk thriller that explores modern themes: social control, artificial intelligence and totality. observation.
• Intelligent puzzles interweave with an intriguing dramatic narrative to create an immersive gameplay experience.
• A beautifully detailed comic book-style world created by legendary comic book artist Dave Gibbons.

Thank you, Sigmund!

06/12/20:A new side-scrolling adventure game called Little Orpheus arrived in Apple Arcade today.

Thanks, Sigmund!

06/12/20:A new side-scrolling adventure game called Little Orpheus arrived in Apple Arcade today.

Thanks, Sigmund!

06/12/20: A new side-scrolling adventure game arrived today on Apple Arcade.


It's 1962 and NASA is trying to put a man on the moon. In a remote corner of Siberia, a Soviet cosmonaut is heading in a different direction. Comrade Ivan Ivanovich is dropped into an extinct volcano in his research capsule “Little Orpheus” to explore the center of the Earth. He immediately disappears.

Three years later, he appears and claims to have saved the world. He also lost the atomic bomb powering Little Orpheus. He is sent to a top-secret bunker deep beneath the Ural Mountains, where he is interrogated by the formidable General Yurkova, a man so intimidating that not even Stalin will buy him a drink. The general rolls up his sleeves, looks at Ivan with a steely gaze and says: “So… where have you been, comrade? And where is my bomb?”
And Ivan looks him straight in the eye and says: “Well, general, you may not believe what happened to me, but I will do everything I can. Because this is what happened…”

Join our brave but hapless hero as he explores lost civilizations, underwater kingdoms, prehistoric jungles and lands beyond imagination. Gasp as he battles the inhuman Menkw tribe and escapes the clutches of terrible monsters! Have fun as he conquers incredible odds and brings socialism to the underworlds!

Little Orpheus is a colorful side-scrolling adventure game inspired by classic films such as Flash Gordon, Sinbad and The Land That Time Forgot. Comprised of eight bite-sized, commute-friendly episodes, Little Orpheus is simple enough for casual gamers but rich enough for seasoned adventurers.

If you're a fan of old-school family blockbusters, want a story that takes you to the center of the Earth and beyond, or simply need ideologically correct entertainment, join the most unlikely hero as he takes Apple Arcade on an incredible adventure. With stunning visuals, brilliant acting and world-class music, Little Orpheus is a pocket epic you'll never forget.

Comrades, to the center!

4/6/20:It doesn't look like we'll be getting a new Apple Arcade game this week, but the popular RPG Oceanhorn 2 got a major update today with a Golden Edition (via CNET). ). This expansion marks a great time to replay the game or get into it for the first time.

Introducing the Golden Edition!

  • The Expansion Shield of Chronos, which adds a new main item and a completely new dungeon to explore.
  • The Crime Hunt expansion is a unique series of side quests that will take you throughout Gaia in pursuit of bandits such as sir. Stingalot and Baron Sliemethorn.
  • An extended ending with never-before-seen scenes that will shed light on the fate of our heroes.
  • New additional mode with a frame rate of 60 frames per second, supported by all high-end games. end devices
  • The most powerful energy shards can now be detected.
  • Added realism with stunning new water physics modeling.
  • Enhanced user interface, including redesigns and improvements menu. communication in the gameplay.
  • Lots of new spoken dialogues and new songs.
  • The brave among you will have to overcome new dangers!

There's never been a better time to start your role-playing adventure or return! The Golden Edition update is filled with new exciting content and is the best version of the game to date!

May 28, 2020: Apple Arcade added a new game from Nickelodeon under called SpongeBob: Patty Pursuit. Here's how it's described:

Trouble has arrived in Bikini Bottom! Evil “mastermind” Sheldon J. Plankton has once again hatched a plan to steal the secret Krabby Patty formula. This time he called upon his army of cousins ​​to catch all of SpongeBob's friends! Play as SpongeBob on his epic and most exciting quest in Bikini Bottom! Explore, collect coins and spatulas, and overcome obstacles as SpongeBob races to save his friends, defeat Plankton's minions, and claim the formula. Keep an eye on your favorite Bikini Bottom denizens…you never know who you might run into!

May 22, 2020:Apple Arcade celebrates the arrival of a new action RPG dungeons of Towers of Everland.

Let's take a dungeon crawl as Towers of Everland seamlessly combines elements of exploration, combat, and role-playing. player in an amazing adventure in the world of Everland. On your epic journey, test your skills against the hordes of brutal monsters you'll face, conquer every tower you can, and assemble weapons and armor from hundreds of unique pieces.

05/14/20:Today a new and exciting puzzle game called Winding Worlds launched on Apple Arcade.

You are far from home. You're not sure how you got here. But you know one thing: your calling is to help your new friends in any way you can. But not all of them are willing to collaborate…

From the award-winning studio that brought you GNOG comes Winding Worlds, a thrilling puzzle adventure about a girl, a Worm, and saying goodbye.

Willow just wants to mind her own business. But after she finds a broken magic necklace, she embarks on a mesmerizing journey through a network of strange planets, each with different inhabitants. Recruited and guided by the mysterious cosmic Worm, Willow's task is to figure out how to help her new friends heal and move on. In Winding Worlds, you'll join a cast of characters big and small in a heartwarming story of grief, love, truth, and acceptance.

05/08/20:Apple Arcade has acquired The_Otherside, a new turn-based role-playing game.

Otherside is a turn-based strategy RPG tabletop game that puts you in control of four survivors as they hope to fend off a phantom threat. Complete each level by solving puzzles, fighting monsters, and destroying the spiritual anchors that threaten our dimension.

Can you return the city to normal and save the day?

05/01/20:The latest addition to Apple Arcade is the adventure game Neversong.

After waking up from a coma, Pete's girlfriend is nowhere to be found can not found. Discover the screams coming from the heart of Neverwood, the increasingly bizarre behavior of zombie adults, and the strange truth about Pete's past in this thrilling fairytale tale.

—by Red Wind Go into the haunted halls of Blackfork Asylum and explore six dark, revealing levels.

– Fight bosses, monsters and adult zombies with your trusty baseball bat.

– Immerse yourself in an immersive piano soundtrack.

—Join your quirky childhood friends and your faithful pet bird on an adventure to discover the truth about your recent coma.

November 4/20:Apple Arcade received two new games today: Beyond Blue and A Fold Apart. The first is a deep-sea diving adventure game, and the second is a puzzle “love story in a paper world.”

Beyond Blue takes you to the near future, where you have the opportunity to explore the mysteries of our ocean through the eyes of Mirai, a deep sea explorer and scientist. You and your newly formed research team will use revolutionary technologies to see, hear, and interact with the ocean in more meaningful ways than ever before. The game features a memorable plot, exploration of the untouched world and adventures that force the player to make important decisions during the team's expedition.

And here is the description of A Fold Apart.

After their career choices force them to go their separate ways, Teacher and Architect vow to make their long-distance relationship work no matter the cost. Experience both sides of their story as the couple navigates the challenges of (mis)communication and the emotional ups and downs that separation brings. By turning, folding and unfolding paper puzzles in hand-crafted worlds, you can help a couple overcome the emotional barriers of their relationship – but will love endure…?

October 4/20:The new side-scroller Scrappers is now available on Apple Arcade.

Up to 4 players can team up in Scrappers. clean up the streets of a futuristic city infested with garbage and destroy anyone who gets in their way!

You take on the role of Scrappers, a squad of robotic garbage collectors working to clean up dirty trash. city ​​of the not so distant future. Time is money in Junktown, and team tactics like piling up trash and passing it to teammates (like in basketball) can improve your efficiency and earn bigger rewards!

But trash removal is only part of the job. Rival teams will attack and interfere, and it's up to you to get rid of them while sticking to your schedule!

Teamwork is the key to maximum efficiency and achieving high scores, which in turn unlocks new characters and customization options!

4/3/20: Legend of the Sky Fish 2, a new role-playing game, has arrived on Apple Arcade.

One hundred years have passed since the hero known as Little Red Hook ended the reign of Skyfish, Lord of the Deep Seas… and now the world that civilization has worked so hard to build is in danger once again.

As the last guards of the Red Hook, you and your master must use your clan's atypical tool – the War Rod – as both a weapon and a grappling hook to face the growing threat.

As the last guards of the Red Hook, you and your master must use the atypical Your clan's tool, the War Rod, as a weapon and hook to face the growing threat.

As the last guards of the Red Hook, you and your master must use your clan's atypical tool, the War Rod, as a weapon and hook to confront the growing threat.

As the last guards of the Red Hook, you and your master must use your clan's atypical tool—the War Rod—as both a weapon and a grappling hook to confront the growing threat.

As the last guards of the Red Hook, you and your master must use your clan's atypical tool – the War Rod – as both a weapon and a grappling hook to face the growing threat.


Uncover a compelling story as you travel the world, full of intriguing characters and treacherous traps. Explore magnificent landscapes and mysterious dungeons while defeating mutants from the deep creatures.

20/3/20: Spyder releases as the latest Apple Arcade game:

Save the world with Agent 8 in this Spy on the Wall adventure.

The action takes place in the retro universe, British Spy Agency 'EP -8' created Agent 8, the most sophisticated miniature spider robot on Earth! Created using experimental technology, this tiny super agent is equipped with all the necessary gadgets and gizmos; cut through panels, overload terminals, flip switches and open valves as you scurry around to sabotage the villains' nefarious plans.

03.13. 20: New today is the “inflatable dungeon crawler” Roundguard.

Roundguard is a fast-paced dungeon crawler with pinball physics, lots of loot and a randomized castle full of weirdos. Try your luck against hordes of cute and dangerous monsters and challenging roguelike elements in this fast-paced adventure!

If you love roguelikes & Peggle, then Roundguard is for you.

02.27.20:The creators of the hugely popular game Crossy Road are back with Crossy Road Castle  as an Apple Arcade exclusive.

Bring your friends and see how far you can go in this endless spinning tower of arcade fun!

Keep climbing as high as you can. Each run is unique.

  • Play Together: Designed for the chaos of a co-op arcade platformer. You can also play alone, but everything is more fun with friends, right?
  • Easy connection: Connect all players to one device using game controllers, or connect multiple devices (or any combination that suits you) . .
  • Collect everything: Unlock Crossy Chicken and his friends. Wear your wacky hats.
  • Discover new things: With procedurally generated levels and variations, your path through the tower will be different every time!
  • Defeat the huge angry eagle: why are you so angry?!
  • Play offline: no internet? Don't worry. It's very nice without the Internet.

02.14.20:This week Apple Arcade will receive a new strategy game Loud House: Outta Control from Nickelodeon. p>

7/2/20: New game this week is Charrua Soccer. It has retro 3D gameplay and three modes: friendly, competition and penalty shootout.

You can choose player vs computer or player vs player. Charrua Soccer offers simple controls, fun and addictive gameplay.

January 31, 2020: Secret Oops! a multiplayer AR party game has been released.

Secret Oops! is an innovative co-op local multiplayer augmented reality game where players try to make sure the world's dumbest spy isn't detected.

01/24/20: Latest Game for Apple Arcade – Butter Royale, “Buttery Food Fight, Battle Royale Style!”

Have the cooking battle of your life in Butter Royale, a multiplayer battle royale battle royale and be the last one standing on Butter Island. Play against up to 31 other players in fast-paced cooking battles (under 5 minutes) using kitchen tools that shoot sauce and explode baguettes!

1/17:Today on Apple Arcade has released the game “Kings of the Castle”.

Rush to the rescue in this fun multiplayer fairy tale. Rescue the prince before anyone else uses your iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple TV. But beware of their spells.

As the princess, you must use your speed, courage and wits to save the prince. Avoid traps, fight enemies, jump over obstacles and collect gems along the way to pay the ransom for the safe return of the prince. But do it quickly. The dragon is hungry!

Kings of the Castle can be played alone or with other players in multiplayer mode.

01/10/20: Latest Apple Arcade game – No Way Home

Stranded in a strange galaxy, you must fight to survive using only your wits, your ship, and your Robot Companion to plan a party. Explore the universe, befriend quirky aliens, and fight through hordes of monsters as you try to find your way home.

No Way Home features hand-drawn illustrations, over 50 weapons, and 60 unique enemies. , an exciting mission system, daily challenges and much more.

01/03/20: New today – Doomsday Vault:

Earth's climate has collapsed, and your mission is to collect the precious remaining plants and return them to the safety of the Doomsday Vault.

12/20/19: LEGO Builder& #39;s Journey was released on Apple Arcade. Here's a description of the new LEGO game:

LEGO Builder's Journey is an artistic, non-verbal puzzle adventure with meditative music where players build by solving problems while moving. through stunning brick-built universes that showcase the limitless possibilities of creative gaming material and present a poetic narrative that highlights the importance of play in our lives.

12/12/19: Apple Arcade acquired crossover hockey game Ultimate Rivals: The Rink.

“We're tearing up the sports video game rulebook and rewriting it for a new generation. We start with gamers first and allow their imagination to create the ultimate multi-sport team of athletes in ways only they can imagine,” said Ben Freidlin, CEO and Founder of Bit Fry Game Studios, Inc. and creator of “Ultimate Rivals.”

12/3/19:Apple introduced Towaga: Among Shadows on its YouTube channel. The game was previously released in October.

Here is the description of the game:

In Towaga: Among Shadows you will learn to control light to drive out the hordes angry creatures, determined to tear you to pieces. Your skill and perseverance will be put to the test as you fight on foot in the jungle or fly across the skies above the highest temples.

11/27/19:The new game is a role-playing game from Cartoon Network, based on the TV series Steven Universe.

  • Unleash the Light – “Join Crystal Gems in the ultimate mobile RPG. It's time to reveal the light!

11/26/19:Apple has shared a new video on its YouTube channel highlighting its latest releases…

https : //

11/15/19:Fresh titles:

  • Rosie's Reality— “A unique and atmospheric puzzle adventure for the whole family and fun.” Friends. Play on the screen or discover augmented reality and see how virtual objects come to life.”
  • Anything else today?

8.11.19: New games this week bring Apple Arcade closer to the 100-title mark:

  • Socialable Soccer (reboot of the 90s hit)
  • Bleached
  • Guilds
  • UFO on Film: First Contact
  • Takeshi & Hiroshi
  • Marble It Up: Mayhem

11/1/19:Releases this week :

  • Jumper John
  • Monomals
  • Star Fetched
  • Super mega mini party
  • Moziac

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I wish they would include some heavier arcade games like RTS (a la Starcraft) and great story-driven first person shooters (like Halo). Their hardware can definitely handle it, it would be great to really get some exercise in these games.

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10/25/19:Today's five new games include:

  • Fallen Knight
  • Nonsense
  • Realistic: Chapter One
  • Tales of Memo
  • Yaga Roleplaying Folktale

10/18/19:Four new games launched in Apple Arcade:

  • Ballistic Baseball
  • >

  • Collector's Garden
  • PAC-MAN Royal Party
  • Things that go wrong

10/11/19: Today Apple announced new games for its subscription service:

  • Decoherence
  • Symphony of the Mind
  • ShockRods
  • Stela

Here's a short description of each game:


Create robots from a variety of components. Develop a strategy that will lead you to victory. Fight as a pilot alongside your bots in exciting PvP matches or test your mettle in single-player Entropy Tribunals!


Atmospheric story-platformer puzzle game that follows three playable characters in one dark, interconnected story. In an old abandoned castle, you'll have to explore every nook and cranny, avoid detection, fight your way through enemies and use deadly traps to escape the evil that lurks within…

Mind Symphony:

Enjoy music and gameplay that affects you emotionally and mentally. Mind Symphony offers me a unique gameplay with music tracks that make you feel better.


ShockRods is all about shooting and avoiding danger by shooting jump and dodge. ShockRods features solo and team games set in the outdoors and future sports arenas. Your goal in ShockRods is to score points by shooting enemies and achieving objectives; By scoring goals, stealing the other team's flag, or causing the most destruction… As you guide your ShockRod to VICTORY!


Stela is a cinematic video, an atmospheric platformer about a young woman who witnesses the last days of a mysterious ancient world

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