Apple Acquires Another AI Startup Focused on Generating Deep Neural Networks

DarwinAI technology can be used to increase the efficiency of on-device AI processing

DarwinAI, The company, known for making deep neural networks smaller and more efficient, was acquired by Apple ahead of the release of artificial intelligence features in iOS 18.

Given its privacy-focused nature, it's understandable why Apple would want one on board ​power. This will allow for more processing on the device, which is in keeping with the company's ethos.

Apple acquired the startup earlier this year, according to Bloomberg, although the deal was not officially announced. Many DarwinAI employees have joined Apple's artificial intelligence division.

As a result of the acquisition, Alexander Wang, an artificial intelligence researcher at the University of Waterloo who contributed to the development of DarwinAI, became Apple's director of artificial intelligence.

In May 2023, Apple acquired WaveOne, a California-based startup known for developing video compression algorithms.

In June of the same year, Apple acquired Mira, a company that creates augmented reality headsets for other companies — including the US Army.

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