Another of the core design team, Jony Ive, is leaving Apple after 32 years.

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Bart Andre has worked at Apple since 1992, is Apple's oldest industrial designer and intends to leave the company soon.

Since Jony Ive left Apple's design team in 2019, there have been several high-profile departures. Constant concerns about culture change and Jeff Williams leading the design team seem to have contributed to some of the departures.

Bart Andre is the latest design executive to leave Apple after 32 years on the design team, according to a Bloomberg report. He was one of Jony Ive's top lieutenants and helped lead the charge following Evans Hankey's departure in 2023.

The report said there was some “turmoil” as Geoff Williams led the design team and introduced cost-cutting measures. Apple also allegedly cut back on the research projects Ive was known for while leading the team.

These concerns appear to be contributing to a kind of “exodus,” as the report calls it. Other former members of Team Ive, including Colin Burns, Shota Aoyagi and Peter Russell-Clarke, have also recently left the team.

There are still a few employees left at Apple who worked on Jony Ive's core design team. These are Richard Howarth, Molly Anderson and Duncan Kerr.

The nature of Andre's departure is unknown, but we are not sure that the outcome classification is appropriate. Thirty-two years in one of the most demanding design jobs in the world may have enabled him to retire.

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