After years of research, Apple's smart ring may be imminent

Samsung's Smart Ring Teasing Could Trigger a Similar Apple Release

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The rumor mill is at work again, with new Supply Chain Report Claims Apple Ring to Arrive Early than later.

The introduction of the Samsung Galaxy Ring during the Unpacked event in January will help significantly expand the smart ring market. However, the report claims that Apple is not too far away from introducing its own.

According to an industry insider who spoke to ETNews on Tuesday, Apple is very close to releasing the rumored wearable device. After many patent applications have been filed and rejected by Samsung, it may soon be Apple's turn.

“Apple has been consistently issuing patents related to smart rings for several years now, so cutting-edge developments for commercialization seem imminent,” the insider said in the report. Apple is also apparently considering a launch date for the device, although there's no word on how close the launch might actually be.

If this is true, Apple faces entry into a potentially fast-growing market. Business Research Insight says the global smart ring market could grow from $20 million in 2023 to nearly $200 million by 2031, growing tenfold in 8 years.

As part of the market growth, it is expected that the ecosystem of components required for such equipment, including biosensors for monitoring the user's health, will be revived. Since Apple is interested in healthcare, smart rings are of interest to Apple as they promote health.

ETNews doesn't have much experience in predicting future Apple products, but it figures prominently in the Apple rumor mill. However, there are no other credible rumors or leaks about the supposed smart ring that one would expect from the soon-to-be-launched Apple product, casting doubt on the “imminent” launch.

However, there is a point of view regarding the number of patents Apple has filed for this device.

Ring Patent Rush

In coverage of Apple's patents, the report mentions a November patent that uses smart ring and near field communication, allowing users to control smartphones and other devices. As part of this patent, Apple proposed the use of an outer band on the ring that could be used for additional touch control or rotation.

In 2023 alone, AppleInsider reviewed patents for smart rings that use the device to control other people, including pressure-sensitive input, possible control of the Apple Vision Pro headset, and even a device that can detect when a user clicks fingers.

There's even a viral post on social media bemoaning the privacy concerns of a couple's engagement ring that allows someone to track their partner.

Over the years, Apple has filed numerous smart ring patents, including a 2015 patent that claims the device features a small touch display, accelerometers and a gyroscope for gesture input, and heart rate monitoring. , among other features.

The idea of ​​an Apple smart ring goes back even further, including rumors in 2007 and a 2013 Apple supplier tour.

Tuesday's report will not necessarily have exact timing. smart ring. But given Apple's extensive history of researching the wearable's potential, Apple has certainly had a lot of time to think about it.

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