10 new features for your iPhone in next week's iOS 17.4 update

by Tim Hardwick

This month, Apple will release iOS 17.4, the biggest iPhone software update this year, bringing a number of features and changes that users have been waiting for quite some time.

Below we have listed 10 new functions that your iPhone will be able to perform after installing the update. which is expected to appear by March 7th. When that day comes, be sure to check Settings ➝ General ➝ Software Update on your device to start downloading.

1. Creating podcast transcripts

Apple is adding audio transcripts to the Podcasts app for iPhone, meaning you can read your favorite podcasts as you speak. If you are familiar with the lyrics on Apple Music, they are very similar.

You can also search for specific words or phrases in automatically generated podcast transcripts and jump to that point in the conversation. where you can then click to jump to the audio track.

2. Protecting messages from quantum attacks

Apple is adding a new cryptographic security feature to iMessage called PQ3. According to Apple, this “innovative” and “state-of-the-art” protocol provides “extensive protection against even the most sophisticated quantum attacks.”

Apple's iMessage service already supports end-to-end encryption, but Apple acknowledges that existing cryptographic protocols used by messaging apps are based on mathematical problems that could potentially be solved by future quantum computers. The PQ3 protocol is Apple's solution to reduce this risk.

3. Next generation CarPlay support

The next generation of CarPlay is scheduled to launch in the US in late 2024, and iOS 17.4 brings support for a host of new apps, including climate control, tire pressure, and rear view. camera image, EV charging status and more.

When Apple first announced the next generation of CarPlay, it said committed automakers included Acura, Audi, Ford, Honda, Infiniti, Jaguar, Land Rover. , Lincoln, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Polestar, Porsche, Renault and Volvo. Apple has not yet announced whether any of the next-generation CarPlay features will be available in classic CarPlay-enabled vehicles.

4. Siri reads incoming messages in other languages

Previously, in iOS 17, Siri's interaction with Messages was limited to one option – the ability for Siri to automatically send messages you dictated without prior confirmation.

However, in iOS 17.4, ‌Siri‌ can also read messages to you in a language other than the primary language ‌Siri‌ listens to and responds to. This is a great option, for example, if you are bilingual or learning a new language.

5. Protecting stolen devices away from home

To make it more difficult for a thief to access password-protected data on a stolen iPhone, Apple has enabled Stolen Device Protection in iOS 17.3. When enabled, Face ID or Touch ID is required to access iCloud Keychain passwords, Lost Mode settings, device wipe options, and make purchases in Safari.

In addition to the new biometric requirements, this feature also imposes a one-hour delay on actions such as changing your Apple ID password. New to iOS 17.4 is an additional option that requires a security delay only when your device is away from familiar places, such as home or office.

6. Live Activity for Stopwatch

For some reason, Apple has never previously offered Live Activity support when running a stopwatch in the Clock app.

In iOS 17.4, any running stopwatch now appears on the dynamic island and lock screen, where there are controls to pause the stopwatch, clear it, and start a new lap.

7. Generating virtual Apple Cash card numbers

iPhone owners running iOS 17.4 will be able to generate a virtual card number for spending Apple Cash when Apple Pay is not supported online.

Apple Prepaid Card Cash allows users to send peer-to-peer Apple Pay payments to friends and family, transfer money to bank accounts, redeem an Apple Card, or spend money online through Apple Pay. With the new virtual card feature, Apple Cash users will be able to spend their balance even if Apple Pay is not supported by the online store.

8. Support for applications for cloud gaming services.

With iOS 17.4, streaming game apps will finally be available on the App Store worldwide. This means services like Xbox Cloud Gaming and Nvidia GeForce NOW can be offered as separate “iPhone” and “iPad Apps.”

Apple previously only allowed cloud gaming services to be offered via the Internet, but special applications will soon be allowed that allow users to stream games from servers. Mini-apps, mini-games, chatbots and plugins will also be able to use the in-app purchase system.

9. Setting up a contactless payment provider

With iOS 17.4, third-party payment apps and banks can use the NFC chip in iPhone to enable contactless payments directly through the device in the European Economic Area, bypassing the need for Apple Pay. or the Wallet app. Users in this region will be able to choose the main contactless payment service, which is activated at payment terminals or by double-clicking the side button of the iPhone.

In the EU – the Settings application. will allow users to select and manage their preferred contactless payment provider. This area also lists all apps that are allowed contactless payment functionality. Additionally, EU users will be able to change the default Wallet app on their iPhone.

10. Support for alternative app stores

App developers in the EU will be able to offer alternative app stores or install their apps through alternative stores. This means that users in the EU will be able to set their preferred alternative app store as the default app store on their device, rather than Apple's own App Store. EU users will see this option in the Settings app.

Additionally, the Screen Time setting will allow parents to decide whether their children's devices can install apps from alternative app stores. Users in the EU will also see a pop-up warning if an app from an alternative app store contains malware.


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